Top 5 Career Paths of 2022 with Positive Outlooks

The new year is finally here, and so are we. As per usual, the new year usually signals a time of change, new beginnings and new perspectives. Some are even looking ahead to change career paths, but may not know where to start. As such, here are some of our top picks of career paths of 2022! 


1. IT Specialists (Information Technology)

The IT people are the one who controls the server of information and technology. IT has always been the centre of numerous industry systems, which is why they’re often sought after.

In addition to that, the pandemic has urged people to even more understand the importance of technology; with the growing demand of people wanting to work from home, it is even more significant now.


2. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Specialists are the people behind the marketing of brands everywhere. They are the pioneers of making your brand visible. With a wealth of professional tools and industry insights, Digital Marketing is a hot and growing industry. Out of all the career paths of 2022 you can pursue, this may be the most versatile. 

The field of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and for a good reason. Digital Marketing isn’t just one facet of the industry; it encompasses various areas that makeup one giant machine. Some roles attached to the Digital Marketing field include SEO specialists, Copywriters, and Advertising.

People in Digital Marketing are curious and creative, with a strong sense of wanting to create distinction amid chaos.


3. Healthcare Professionals

If there’s one thing the Covid-19 pandemic taught us, it’s the importance of healthcare professionals. As the pandemic intensified, there were many instances where Hospitals did not have enough resources to cater to the growing demand of sick patients, so they were at a standstill.

Healthcare Professionals can include various fields ranging from Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, specialists and many more! In 2022, the growing need for healthcare professionals are expected to see rising demand, so if you’re just now thinking of a field that you want to chase after, the sciences might be a good place to check out.


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4. Financial Advisor

Every company needs a finance person, and that could be you! Financial Management is integral in ensuring the company’s financial goals are met. From profits to losses, a financial advisor works to maintain the Management of these outcomes.


5. Psychiatry

As healthcare professionals, mental health practitioners are also widely sought after for their expertise. Occupations associated with mental health care, in general, are rapidly growing.

One of the factors that could lead to this is that health care and social assistance are expected to have a whopping 3.3 million job openings from 2020 to 2023. Among the sea of professional careers and industries, psychiatric care is projected to be one of the highest growth career paths of 2022. 


Besides all these rapid growing jobs of 2022, there is one that stays significant no matter the year, and that is the role of the property negotiator! If you’re interested in all things real estate and earning your worth, join us! 

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