Top 5 Best Career Paths for Extroverts

Do you enjoy talking to people? Do you exude charisma and love human connection? Then you will probably thrive in a setting that will allow you to showcase your personality. If you find yourself immersed in day-to-day interactions and energized from the back-and-forth of it all, here are the five best career paths for extroverts or, you know, the people person.

As an extrovert, you are someone who values communication, involvement and teamwork above all. So it’s only natural that you would steer towards a career option that will allow you to emulate these qualities fully.

Let’s see some examples of career paths that are ideal for extroverts.


1. Public Relations (PR) 

PR is, to put it simply“A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their publics.” As a PR person, you are at the forefront of an agency. Your primary duties fall into building meaningful relationships with stakeholders in a way that will benefit your clients. 

Many of what you do will also involve the art of small talk, client communications and networking. Utilising your inherent nature for talking is a massive added advantage in this field. 

That being said, if this is the career choice you ultimately decide on, you also need to make sure you listen intently, understand problems and deliver great solutions! 


2. Real Estate Agents and Negotiators 

Real estate agents are, for the most part, mediators. They are the middle man between buyers and property sellers/renters. 

Their typical day-to-day consists of:

  •  Keeping up with local and regional market activities.
  • Coordinating open houses and appointments. 
  • Responding to emails and answering calls. 

Someone who opts to be a real estate agent or negotiator as their career choice may face numerous challenges along the way, but the incentives and benefits are amazing too! Here are five reasons why graduates should consider a career in real estate. 

Still not convinced? We even prepared a quiz that showcases whether you are the right person for the job. See your compatibility now! 

3. Acting

In the sea of best career paths for extroverts, acting is at the very top. There’s a saying in the film industry that goes “acting begins long before lights, camera and action”. Talent goes a long way in being a phenomenal actor, which is why it’s expected that an aspiring actor should be a master of vocal, breathing and body techniques. 

It’s also worth noting that a career in acting is unstable at times, as it depends on certain shooting schedules and contracts. However, if you’re passionate in pursuing this path, here are a few responsibilities you can expect! 

  • Learn lines, songs and dances. 
  • Practice acting sequences. 
  • Attend costume fittings and rehearsals. 
  • Attend script readings. 


4. Event Planner 

career optionsAn event planner ensures everything that is expected of an event goes as planned. From idea conception to implementation, the event planner is the main person handling all the comings and goings of an event. 

It falls into the event planner’s responsibility to ensure that all spectrums of event, meeting, and conference planning, including cost containment, venue scouting, equipment logistics, room setup, and a number of best practices.

Being an extrovert, chances are you enjoy going to gigs and festivals, so having the chance to execute one yourself is an exciting prospect to look out for! 


5. Lawyer 

Does the thought of picking apart testimonies, analysing evidence and debating in the courtroom sound exciting to you? Although there are various fields in the law industry that would fit both introverts and extroverts, we recommend that extroverts opt for a field where they can truly express themselves which is as a prosecutor or a defendant. 


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