5 MIN READTop 10 statements disliked by property agents

As a property agent, how would you feel if you received disliked statements from potential clients?

“Why is everything so bloody expensive?” “I like this property, but my wife does not like this property.”

No-one is compelled to use them, yet most people buying or selling do so and moan at the same time.

From our research, here are some of the top 10 statements disliked by many property agents, to share the sorrow to our beloved public.

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  1. “I have never registered for your advertisement.”

Nowadays, many of our customers will ask where we received their contact details. Unfortunately, due to the convenience of the Facebook platform, there have been cases of customers registering to an advertisement without them not knowing it.

For clarification, we as property agents will not receive any contact details if there is no registration.


  1. “Why is everything so expensive?”

Whenever we bring the customers to visit the showrooms, we will often hear the phrase of how the property is too expensive.

As property agents, when we provide houses that fit the customers’ budget, they’ll complain about the environment and location. But when we follow their exact planning, they’ll complain about the price.

To ensure a smooth journey for both property agents and customers, we recommend a list of requirements for your dream home and markdown which one is a MUST.

  1. “Can you help me sell the house – by yourself?”

And the answer will always be no. As a certified Real Estate Negotiator, such action can result in our license to be revoked and be heavily fined.  


  1. “Wah, it must be great to be a property agent, where you earn a lot!”

Joining property management is not a business without capital. As agents, we faced unsettling situations such as trying to sell a house for months, pay for advertisement with our own income and inviting clients to several showrooms but fail to close a sale. Anyhow, we insist on providing customers the best service

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  1. “Could you charge a lower commission?”

According to the rules and regulations, any amount of commission is decided by the developer and BOVAEA. Normally, such action and statement should not have happened in the first place.


  1. “Come on; give me a discount from your commission.”

Many customers have this idea that property agents earn a lot of money. But again as we mentioned before, when said agents fail to sell a property, they will worry about their next meal.

Just for your information, this particular action is frown upon. So if any current property agents is confronted in such a situation, it is adivsable to not comminicate with them in the future.


  1. “Do we really need property agents when selling or buying a house?”

 The role of property agents is to assist both the seller and buyer to either find their potential customers or a dream house, in a short time.

These agents also provide help in simplifying the process for both parties.

If a buyer insists to buy a house without assistance, the property agent understands. But, if you continue to ask for the homeowner’s contact detail, please go through the entrusted property agent. Be courteous to all parties’ emotions.


  1. “You said this project is worth purchasing, did you buy it too?”

Frankly, property agents are not rich in nature.

But they are a group of hardworking individuals to ensure more sales, so they can have finance needed to purchase this and any future projects.


  1. “My family members said they did not like the property.”

There have been many occasions where customers told the property agents that they liked the house, but the sentiment is not shared with a family member such as a spouse or a parental figure.

As a property agent, this is an unfortunate thing to hear.

But there is always a silver lining, as a dedicated property agent will help you to find the right house. Maybe tell them more details? Which area of the property which makes them feel unsatisfied?


  1. Clients say, “I need to think about it.”

This statement will ensure any property agent to feel frustration.

But they thank you for saying this, cause it is a subtext  of “I am not interested.”

As property agents, like many others in the service industry, will take these disliked statements by the wrist and protect the heart and mind. They will strive to improve and ensure only the right information about real estate is shared with the public.

As property agents, they chose this path and will keep working hard for what they love.

So, how can they serve you, today?

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