How You Can Boost Your Social Media Presence As A Property Agent



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Imagine this: you’re a property agent who’s just starting out in the industry. You want people to see you for what you can do, but you have no idea where to begin.

Let’s picture another scenario: you’ve been in the property industry for quite some time, but you haven’t had much luck in securing clients. You start to wonder, “Am I really cut out for this?”

Has it ever crossed your mind that all you needed to do was just build your online presence?

As a property agent, social media marketing is an integral part of your business. It’s important that you utilize all of the available tools to help people find you and choose you as their preferred property agent.

Having a social media marketing plan can bring wonders to your business, so don’t give up just yet – we present to you three social media marketing tips to help you boost your online presence!


1. Establish your personal branding

social media marketing - branding

When it comes to your branding, ask yourself these questions: How do you want to portray yourself on social media, and what makes you stand out?

Let’s say your name is John. You’re a property agent whose main focus is to sell affordable high-rise condominiums. From here, try to recognize who you want to market to, and start building your branding from there!

Then, you can identify your niche. What are you selling? What are you good at? What do you wish to help people with?

Build your branding around your niche and expertise, and make it the thing that people come back to you for. Make your product synonymous with you or your brand!


2. Utilize visuals and videos

social media marketing - videos and visuals

If you want to create awareness for yourself and your brand, video content is a very good way to start – TikTok being the most downloaded app in 2022 thus far is enough to prove it! Short, informational videos perform very well on social media, so you can utilize your property knowledge to provide your audience with educational content related to your niche.

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A pro tip to stay on top of your audience’s minds is to choose a signature colour you’d like them to associate you with. Use it in your visuals and logos, and make it the theme of your social media!



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Now, with an abundance of apps at your disposal, you don’t need to break the bank to create captivating content. Apps like Canva can help you create great visuals, with ready-made templates available for your visual needs, and CapCut is a good choice to start your video editing journey. These apps are beginner-friendly too, so they are relatively simple to start with, and you can create your content on the go!


3. Consistency, consistency, consistency

social media management - scheduling

Yes, three times! The most important thing to help you stay on top of clients’ minds is to be consistent with your content – it’s a key factor of social media marketing that you need to build a strong social media presence. Consistency helps build credibility and trust among your clients, and it can also help you connect with your audience better through your social media platforms.

Instead of creating a single piece of content every day, prepare a weekly or monthly content plan and create your content in bulk. Set a dedicated time each week to focus on content planning and creation, and schedule your content in advance! With tools like Facebook’s Creator Studio, you can schedule posts ahead of time, and you can utilize its Insights feature to see which of your posts are performing well and identify what your audience is interested in.

When we talk about social media marketing, it’s a constant learning progress. As a property agent, it is important that we take every opportunity to learn and move with the times, not just regarding real estate, but also the current trends in social media marketing. It’s never too late to pick up that habit!

IQI is committed to shaping versatile property agents, with courses on real estate, digital marketing and more available to them 24/7. Join us in IQI to become part of a team that encourages growth and promotes constant learning!

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