2 MIN READTime For Real Estate Negotiators To Adapt And Change!

Covid-19 has changed the way many people work and one of the fields it has touched is that of a real estate negotiators (REN). The pandemic has shifted how RENs and agents are adapting to the current scenario and utilizing digital mean to showcase homes to potential buyers.

Aaron Siow, Group Vice President of IQI Global, a real estate agency joins BFM 89.9 and discusses about being a real estate negotiator in these times how the market has been doing.

Even though, the Movement Control Order (MCO) implemented last year March 2020, there has been a 300% surge on the number of recruitment as RENs at IQI Global.


Real estate has gone digital

The younger generations aged 35 and below dominate the REN career, but the elder generations who are above 35 are able to adapt themselves to the digitalization age and taking leaps in terms of their sales approach.

In fact, Juwai IQI has provided RENs with a platform for them to promote their listings to a wider range of audience through digital platforms.

Apart from that, the digital platforms provides easier access for RENs to gain new knowledge through the applications available online – with just one click to join the classes.

In addition, social media has become a spectacular marketplace for RENs and agents due to 90 – 95% of the masses being online searching for real estate.

With the right tools and advertising, RENs are able to receive inquiries regarding their listings which could lead to sales.

Using social media as a means to educate the first-time homebuyers and guiding them through seminars and talks are also initiatives to engage potential buyers.

In addition, the way RENs promote viewing of properties have also changed from the traditional tour-around-the-house to using a camera to showcase the fine structure of the house. By using a better camera, it is easier for potential buyers to consider on purchasing the home.

Source: BFM 89.9

IQI Global is a proptech company driven to bring change towards the real estate industry. With a good platform, RENs may sell and promote their listings at ease and to a wider range of audience.

Choose the best platform to kick-start your career in the real estate industry – choose IQI!

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