How ‘Terrific Tuesday’ is The Training Needed For a Great Brokerage

When new and inexperienced realtors look for the ideal real estate agency, they should review each brokerage’s structure – such as a good networking session.

Take ‘Terrific Tuesday’ for an example, which is offered to realtors when they become part of IQI Canada.

Why is Networking and Training Important for Realtors?

In sales or business development, networking should be one of your strengths. But even if your work does not require you to generate leads or get new clients, networking can play a huge role in your success as a professional. With networking, you’ll be able to access information and resources that you may need in career advancement.

As for why you need regular training sessions, you’ll see significant benefits by investing in continued education; you’ll notice substantial benefits.

Through training, new realtors will learn the fundamentals to help them have a long and successful real estate career. For those with experience, training allows them to reconnect with the basic principles that are vital to offering their clients high-quality service.


What is Terrific Tuesday?

We all know that industries and market trends are constantly changing, and if companies don’t evolve with it, they’ll either be eliminated or left behind. 

Through IQI’s introduction of ‘Terrific Tuesday,’ a session combining networking and training, was created from our understanding that employees are the organization’s most valuable assets.

Thus, we must provide a platform to ensure lasting success for them and the agency.

At IQI Canada, we provide regular training to realtors, to ensure they keep up with the latest industry demands! 

By inviting diverse renowned speakers from the many businesses, digital marketing, motivational industries and more, IQI realtors can upskill themselves weekly, practically and mentally. 


Why does IQI value regular training and networking?

IQI Canada believes in educating our realtors to better themselves as entrepreneurs and individuals.

Through our learning platform, available 24/7 for realtors to access, called IQI Academy, realtors will have access to Property 101 type video guides, introductory project listing videos, tips on securing clients, and many more!

So even if you have no real estate business experience, IQI can provide you with continuous training alongside a supportive team of successful realtors to emulate.

Grow and empower yourself and your life to reach your full potential with IQI Canada. Fill in the form below and kick-start your pathway to greatness right now! 

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