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We at IQI Global had recently found out that the term ‘Aiyo’ is recognised as an official word by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). We know, right? Even though the word has been officially acknowledged in the OED since 2016—we, admit that we only found this out recently (this week, in fact). In the Oxford English Dictionary, Aiyo is described as such; “a South Asian (in southern Indian and Sri Lankan English) way to express distress, regret, or grief.” However, this term extends to Malaysia and Singapore as well. An example of a sentence would be like, “Aiyo, how come I still haven’t found a job opportunity?” 

Although the official term is to express grief or regret, for us at IQI Global—it has a different meaning altogether, one that we’re deeply proud of:

  • A – Awesome 

  • I – Inquisitive

  • Y – Youthful

  • O – Overachievers

Even if you’re not AIYO from the get-go, that’s fine! IQI Global provides you with a platform to build up and refine your skills with various training and learning resources to help support your growth. We believe that everyone should be given an equal chance for a job opportunity, zero experience or no!


Why Go For IQI Global? We Can a List a Few Reasons:

IQI Global job opportunity

  1. Global Platform
  2. Flexible Working Hours
  3. You are Your Own Boss
  4. Cutting Edge Training and Learning Resources
  5. Gain Access to Our Agent Super App, Atlas
  6. Rewarding Commissions and Incentives
  7. Accessible Even to Those Without Prior Job Experience

If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 other reasons why you should join IQI. 

Don’t believe us? Check out the video below to see the perks of being in the Real Estate Negotiator gig and #StartYourBizWithIQI

No experience? No problem! Become a Real Estate Negotiator and build your experience with IQI Global. Hurry and grab this job opportunity today! 


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