Social Media and Branding with Lion & Lion's Cheelip Ong

Social Media and Branding with Lion & Lion’s Regional Chief Creative Officer, Cheelip Ong

In modern-day society, social media is the leading medium used for marketing and connectivity. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, these platforms are quickly evolving into a channel for brand promotion and the sale of goods and services.

That said, how does one make the most out of social media marketing? Regional Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Lion & Lion, Cheelip Ong, shares his insights and tips on how to improve the way you market your business on social media.

The hybrid creative leader, who has over two decades of experience in the advertising industry, also discussed his inspirations and thoughts on what it takes to have a successful career and life.

1.  Social media branding

2. Common mistakes of social media

social media marketing and brandingWith your expertise in social media and branding, what are common mistakes businesses make while managing social media?

Cheelip: I think social media, marketing and branding come from creativity and message conveying. Social media is ever-growing; there’s always something new every second. I believe there is a gap between brands and consumers; what bridges the distance boils down to ideas. Ideas that connect speak to them, resonate and empathise. As a result, you can create brand intimacy, which is crucial in advertising. This element allows your audience to feel a sense of reliability and communal involvement.

A targeted ad that doesn’t emphasise brand intimacy will stray away from consumer relevance. You want to reel them in with the impression that you understand what they want and have the solution; if it’s irrelevant to consumers, they will be disinterested.

Hence, the term KYC (aka Know Your Customers) is a broadly used term in marketing. One must possess the right amount of creativity to engage with your audience. Understanding what message you are conveying to your consumers is so important; you can only catch their attention when these ideas align with their needs, wants and aspirations. This way, you will attain maximum impact, conversion rates, and reachability.

social media marketing and branding

Have you experienced mistakes when managing your social media?

Cheelip: Of course! I first started my career during the time whereby social media was beginning to bud in society. It was interesting having to transition from a world without the internet to a world surrounding it.

Social media first started as a way to explore and share anything that came to mind — it was pretty lighthearted and fun. It went from a messaging platform to becoming the foundation of all connectivity. This goes beyond staying in touch with loved ones; it’s now a source of marketing, consumerism and exploration.

One thing I learned throughout the years is that you must discern between what you deem personal and professional. It’s important to understand the impression you want to give to others. Back then, I’d share anything I thought was interesting on my social media platforms, which might have ended up as data dumping. Having said that, before sharing content, ask yourself, “Is what I’m sharing relevant to my audience?”.

Personally, I like keeping my private social media accounts separate from my professional ones. While I share my personal life and interests on my personal Facebook, I share more of my work, leadership inspiration and reflections, or even keeping in touch with work connections.

That said, this is what I prefer; it is alright to integrate the two if it works for you!

Stay connected with Cheelip for more of his inspirations here, or learn more about Lion & Lion and their services!

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