3 MIN READWhy Should You Choose to Work in the Real Estate Industry Now?

Finding a job that suits you and your lifestyle takes time and effort. For women with children, their children will take up the majority of their time. We all wish to have a healthy work/life balance, therefore benefits like below are ideal. Are you also looking for a job with benefits like below?

  • Flexible working hours

Children that are attending school will have many events that require the parent’s presence and support. Other than that, children fall sick easily and require constant attention as they are unable to take care of themselves. It would be ideal for a mother to have flexible working hours to organize their time accordingly.

  • Able to take leave when required

If the working hours are not flexible, then it would be great if women were able to take leave whenever required. It is an important aspect in a parent’s life to attend to their child’s needs.

  • Reasonable pay

As we all know, bringing up a child in this generation requires a lot of expenses. Other than their children, they also need to sustain themselves. This requires a large amount of money and a reasonable pay is definitely expected.

People have said that a job like this is impossible to find – with flexible working hours and high payment. It could only ever happen in dreams.

But wait, maybe this job does exist?

We have found that a career in the real estate industry fulfills the requirements: flexible hours, able to take leave at anytime, and a reasonable pay based on our efforts. Isn’t this a great industry for women to work in?

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Being Asia’s largest real estate firm in the world, IQI has won numerous awards and has over 15,000 agents. With an empowering women-centric workforce and remarkable achievements, IQI is definitely the right choice for women to venture into.

Check out this video of beautiful, confident real estate agents. They worked hard, achieved their goals, and are awarded their dream cars! By the way, do you know that IQI’s workforce is 77% female?


Let us talk about one of their most successful female entrepreneur, Ashley Tan, the Vice President of IQI Global, on her journey of how she became the founder of Elite Legacy.

It started out when Ashley was doing her internship, and she realized that she did not enjoy working in the Accounting field. She then switched permanently to a real estate agent, as the hours were flexible and commissions were high. Ashley was already working as a real estate agent when she was studying, and had a yearly income of RM60,000. 

She decided to join IQI because IQI has offices at over 15 different countries, offering her an opportunity to build her own real estate business and team at those locations. From a small team of three, Ashley used 4 years and a half to grow Elite to a stunning 800 people, who come from 6 different places in the world. It has now over 1,800 members in the team! It has been a tough journey with a rough start and many bumps along the way, but it has all become a valuable experience for Ashley.

Another outstanding female real estate agent IQI have in their team is the Head of IQI International Sales, Mandy Chen.

Mandy has 9 years of expansive real estate industry knowledge as she travels to many destinations to help her understand her client’s needs. Also an international investor, she is able to educate and advise investors to diversify their investment portfolio. With a team of dedicated warriors, she provides services to her foreign clients for their investment needs in over 10 countries worldwide.

Would you like to become Ashley or Mandy, successful female leaders in their industry? Don’t hesitate, sign up to join us and be part of a global team!

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