How to Set The Perfect Mood for Valentine's Day [2022]

How to Set The Perfect Mood for Valentine’s Day [2022]

Ah yes, valentine’s day is just around the corner. Which means couples everywhere are scrambling trying to think of the perfect gift for that special someone, right? Right? Well, not entirely. Although gift hunting panic is a significant part of the holiday of love’s imminent arrival, there is also much frenzy in finding the perfect ‘date spot’.

Couples everywhere always stressed securing reservations to bustling places during these hectic times, and that’s normal. It’s only natural we want to give the best treatment we can to the person we love. However, finding the perfect ‘date’ spot isn’t the only thing you can do to celebrate this special day; there’s a lot of things you can do!

Instead of over-crowded and extravagant dinners, why not just keep it close to home instead? In fact, right at home. Here are home decoration tips to spice up your home while also setting up the mood for Valentine’s day! Even if you’re without a partner, no worries, it’s okay to cry yourself to sleep. Use these tips to make an evening for yourself as well. 


1. First, Sprinkle Some Red

The colour red symbolises deep passion and respect for your loved ones. Adding this thematic colour can drastically increase the pop of your environment, especially if a transparent shade of white complements it.

Adding colour can also mean adding anything that fits the theme of the holiday. You don’t necessarily have to paint your house red, but you can add in suitable decorations and ornaments. Begin by decorating your household environment by adding some…


Red Balloons

Nothing says celebration more like balloons. Put up a few of elegantly-designed balloons around your living room to spiff up the place. You can go with any design you fancy, here are some of our recommendations:


Scattering Rose Petals

valentine's day couples

Next, sprinkle some red flower petals over the floors. Flowers further elevates the ambience of your already romantic setting to further heights. Here are a few to choose from! 


Red Candle Lights

Finally, add in some red-coloured candles. Frankly, this could be any type of scented product like essential oils. Did you know that certain scents stimulate our limbic system to trigger memories and emotions?

So perhaps ask your partner what smells they’re fond of, and you may just be able to find one that transports them to a time they remember fondly. There are numerous valentine’s day candles to choose from!

  1. Paris Scented Wood-Wick Soy Candles (RM64.90) 
  2. 50 pieces of Heart Shaped Tea Light Candles (RM15.88) 
  3. Strawberry Scented Candle Aromatic Essential Oil (RM11.77) 


2. Next, Add Valentine’s Day Banners

valentine's day couples

Go the extra mile and install banners that scream out your valentine’s day spirit! Not only are these signs easy to install, but they’re also easy to take out too, so it won’t take a massive amount of time for you to clean up after. They’re also available in various designs and are cheap to boot!

Here are a few different designs you can opt for!

Price range (RM 3 – RM 10) 


3. Afterwards, stock up on exclusive Valentine’s Day Chocolates and Desserts

valentine's day couples

Chocolate-giving is a tradition spanning centuries. We won’t bore you with the details here, but we highly recommend you get your partner a box of chocolates to commemorate your love with one another! Also, they taste really good in general. 

Aside from handing chocolates over to your partner during Valentine’s, you can even use chocolates to spruce up your home. A welcome addition to your home decoration. 


  1. First, get an aesthetically-pleasing chocolate container to store your chocolate in! We recommend this nice gift box of assorted of chocolates (RM20.90 – RM44.90) 

  2. Buy the chocolate of your choosing. There are many to choose from, such as: 

3. Flex your chocolate goodness!


4. Lastly, Open Netflix and Soak in the Majesty of Valentine’s

valentine's day couples

It’s common knowledge that people are not watching as much TV anymore; Netflix is the in thing now. How can it not be? With a good range of television shows, movies and animated series to choose from, you’ll never run out of options.

Choose the right Netflix plan for YOU!

After a fulfilling dinner and hearty dessert, the best thing is just to lay back and soak in some top tier media content from classics to Netflix originals for a successful valentine’s day spent!


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