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Sabah Government To Focus On Infrastructure Development


The State government of Sabah has said that it will continue to keep its primary focus on the development of high-impact infrastructure projects. This is to ensure the continued growth and well-being of the people and to their overall quality of life.

Datuk Peter Anthony, Minister of Infrastructure Development, told the state assembly that amid speculations, projects introduced by the previous administration will be stopped. The government would continue with projects that focus on improvement of infrastructure. The improvements are such as road widening, increasing water supply capacity, and development of the maritime and terrestrial infrastructure. These projects go in line with the needs of the State.

The government had set aside RM260 million in 2018 to implement the various infrastructure projects under his ministry. The funds would be allocated to Public Works Department (RM82.3 million), Water Department (Rm160.5 million), Ports and Harbours (RM6.2 million) and the Sabah State Railways (RM11.03 million).

The funds for the Public Works Department would go into road projects in Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau and several other smaller townships. It will be used to refurbish roads that are leading to agriculture and industrial land and tourist attractions.

In addition to this, the department would be focusing on upgrading the existing railway track and maintenance of the rail services between Kota Kinabalu and Tenom.

They are part of the State’s plan to promote rail as an alternative means of travel for the public, he said.

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