4 Reasons Why Virtual Home Tours Are Important For The Property Industry

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg took the internet by storm when he announced that Facebook is rebranding as ‘Meta’. Generally, the public had a lot of questions. But the general gist of it is that they will up the ante on developing their virtual reality landscape, where the physical and augmented converge. This entire segment has shown that there is a growing demand and development in the virtual reality sector. Therefore, virtual home tours also have the potential to grow as a defying force in real estate.

Here are four reasons why!


1. Flexibility in Open Houses

virtual home toursAs we live in this pandemic ridden era, we realise that there is a growing need to carry out tasks remotely.

Even with the vaccine within our midst, we still haven’t won against the virus. As such, the general population may find it safer to be in closed quarters at least until the near future.

Virtual home tours take advantage of this area, allowing for more flexible ‘open houses’ for potential buyers. Sellers can optimise the 3D feature of virtual home tours to get the feel of the houses they’re considering purchasing from the comforts of their home.


2. Offers an Immersive Experience

Virtual home tours delivers on immersion. Clients are given the chance to explore a realistic digital landscape that makes them feel like they are physically at the house. Immersion paves the way to zero in details of a particular house; such as light fixtures, furniture and tiles all from the comforts of their own home. 

Moreover, these immersions can also be included with added text, narration and instructions for a more streamlined experience. 


3. Saves Time and Costs

Being able to schedule virtual home tours can save a lot of time and money. For starters, you get to save time by being home and cutting the cost of travel. The flexibility of virtual home tours shines the most when it gives way for clients to schedule an appointment wherever, whenever.

The implementation of technology has allowed for convenience without borders, giving way for better and more practical ways of undertaking the buying and selling process of real estate.


4. It Stands Out

Implementing a virtual home tour into your website makes it stand out among the sea of property selling websites. As such, virtual home tour applications give you a competitive edge, as it allows for a more practical approach to selling your house.

Once potential customers and clients see how much care and effort you’ve put into your website, they will acknowledge how serious you are and will feel more confident in putting faith in you.


Looking to invest in a good home? IQI stands at the intersection between technology and real estate, constantly trying to push the boundaries of how technology can help people make better purchase decisions. 

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