1 MIN READPremature to predict economic outcome

KUALA LUMPUR: Political wrangling could add a burden to the country’s economy, economists said, as the stock exchange closed at its lowest point yesterday since late 2010.

The experts believe the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan government could deter investors looking for stability at a time when the coronavirus outbreak and trade war between the United States and China were hurting global growth.

Bursa Malaysia’s benchmark index was down as much as 45 points or 2.85 per cent yesterday, to end its 12-year reign as the world’s longest stock market bull run.

“In my opinion, all investors are cautious and hope that economic normalcy would return, and policy continuity would prevail in the end,” said Juwai IQI Global chief economist Shan Saeed.

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Source: The New Straits Times

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