Planning Your 2022 Leave? Here's How You Plan Your Long Holiday

Planning Your 2022 Leave? Here’s How You Plan Your Long Holiday

We’ve finally entered the last month of 2021, which means we’re beginning to experience the end of the year while looking forward to the next. If you’re planning to fully optimise your leave days—you’re in luck. We have laid down all the primary holidays slated for 2022 in Malaysia, alongside days where we recommend for you to take leave. 



Starting off the month we have Thaipusam! Since it’s still pretty early in the month, you may not want to take leave yet. But if you do, it’ll be good to take Monday (17th) off as the holiday will be held on the 18th. This way, you’ll have a long weekend! 



Next up we have Chinese New Year. Since this holiday is widely celebrated in Malaysia, we understand and urge for you to apply leave. The Lunar New Year holiday falls into the first and second dates of the month of February which are Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. 

In this case, you should opt to apply leave on the 31st of January (Monday) so you can have a more streamlined holiday schedule. 



In April, the only holiday is Nuzul Al-Quran which falls on 18th of April (Monday). We recommend that you apply for leave on the 15th which is a Friday. As such, you can end the week early and start it a bit later. More time to rest and refresh! 



May is where it gets serious. Depending on how many leave days you have left, if you plan accordingly—you may just get a full week worth of long holiday! 

How would this happen, you ask? Great question! You see, in the month of May labour day falls under the 1st of the month, which is a Sunday. But, the holiday will be carried forward to Monday (2nd of May). Aidilfitri on the other hand falls on Tuesday (3rd May) and Wednesday (4th May) making it a full and back to back holiday streak. If you were to apply for leave on Thursday (5th May) and Friday (6th May) you have just secured a full week’s leave! 

Just make sure you get your tasks done beforehand! 



Ah the lovely month of June. Also the month our King was brought into the world. The holiday for June falls under the 6th which is a Monday. For a long holiday, you may apply for leave on the (3rd) Friday. 



In July, the two holidays are Hari Raya Haji and Awal Muharram. If you need to apply for leave, We recommend booking one on the 8th (Friday) for an early end to your week and a later start for next week. 



On the month of August, we get a day off on the last day of month. Which is a our national day (Merdeka!) As it falls under a Wednesday, you can apply for leave on Thursday (1st of September) and Friday (2nd of September) for a long weekend and holiday. 



In September, the only holiday that we have is on the 16th, which is a Friday. You can apply for leave on the 19th (Monday) for an early end to the week and a late start for next week, if you’re feeling like you want to celebrate Malaysia day a little longer! 



In October, the expected holidays are Maulidur Rasul (9 and 10) as well as Deepavali (24th). The best way to plan your leave for this month would be to apply for the 7th and 21st. 



In the last month of the year, I’m sure we’re all aware that the most significant holiday of December is Christmas, which is on the 25th. For a long Christmas, you can apply for leave on the 23rd (Friday) for a longer feel of Christmas eve. 


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