2 MIN READNew Report Reveals That Australian Financial Websites Are Falling Behind In Industry & Accessibility Compliance

SYDNEY, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Monsido, a leading web governance provider, has released a report analysing the websites of the 50 Top Finance Organisations in Australia for their performance in Web Accessibility, Content Quality, Industry Policy Compliance, Response Time, and SEO.

St. George Bank; BankWest; Westpac; Macquarie Group; and Zurich Financial Services Australia were listed as the Top 5 Websites Overall. The Top 3 of each category are detailed in the report.

It is worth noting that in the Industry Policy Compliance category, Monsido found that the average Industry Policy Compliance Score was only 46.22%. Monsido scanned all 50 finance organisations to measure their compliance to common business policies and finance industry standards. For example, Monsido implemented policies to ‘Find all missing financial services guide links’ and ‘Find all pages missing the word: AFSL’. AMP and Hostplus lead the pack in this category. 

Monsido’s Policies tool helps financial service organisations set up automated rules that scan their sites to find content that violates brand, regulatory, and industry standards so they can ensure consistency and compliance across all contributors and regions.

Sam Rahmanian, VP of Global Sales, Monsido: “Ensuring consistency and complying to company branding guidelines and industry regulations is a challenge for companies with large websites and many content authors across different teams. For financial services in Australia, making sure their website content complies to ASIC Regulatory Guides is critical. When financial organisations can maintain compliant, accessible, and error-free website content, website visitors and customers can access essential information and online services. We hope this report shines a light on the importance of user-friendly, compliant websites.”

Read the report: https://go.monsido.com/aus-finance-benchmark  

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Monsido is a fast-growing software company founded in 2014 that provides a one-stop web governance solution designed to give website visitors a superior browsing experience. Our time-saving auditing tool provides accurate and insightful information that helps organisations work with confidence to identify content, accessibility, compliance, performance, and privacy issues.

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