Malaysia’s RINA Group to merge with Juwai IQI

Property sales and media powerhouse Juwai IQI has added Malaysia’s third-largest real estate agency group to its stable, with the announcement that the RINA Group will become part of the company.

Founded in 2010, The RINA Group has since grown to incorporate seven offices and more than 1000 agents and negotiators.

Last year the company was responsible for closing approximately RM1.2 billion (US$275 million) in transactions.

At a glance:

  • Malaysian real estate agency group, The RINA Group, will merge with Juwai IQI, following an announcement by the two companies.
  • Founded in 2010, The RINA Group has since grown to incorporate seven offices and more than 1000 agents and negotiators.
  • Juwai IQI is the holding company that operates the Asian real estate super-brands dedicated to empowering residents of Asia to become residents of the world: IQI and Juwai Limited.

RINA Group CEO Jordan Yeoh, who as a result of the merger will become Vice President of IQI, said the merger would allow his team to gain scale and relevance both in Malaysia and internationally.

“By joining IQI, we are giving our agents access to the Juwai IQI technology-enabled platform,” he said.

“Technology is already playing a much bigger role in real estate because of the pandemic, and this role will grow quickly in the years to come.

“We have great respect for IQI as the Southeast Asian industry leader.

“Our agents will benefit from being able to harness the lead generation capabilities of and to help them sell, win and offer properties from all over the world to over 3.3 million monthly users.”

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