Malaysia Budget 2023 is coming! Share your thoughts before 9 September!

Malaysia Budget 2023 is coming! Share your thoughts before 9 September!


Everyone is concerned about the 2023 budget and what will be announced in Malaysia, probably because it might bring some insight into the next Malaysian general election.

But as a general public, can we contribute to the 2023 Budget?

Of course, we can! Let’s explore this with just a few simple clicks:

First, go to .

And click the “Budget 2023 Suggestions”.


Then, you will see the 4 steps to add comments/suggestions about the 2022 Malaysian Budget.

Secondly, add your personal detail as per request.

The requested information includes your name, email, gender, age, race, location, etc.

Thirdly, pick your top five concerns.

There will be up to 15 options in the question, such as education, public transport, and job opportunities; you can choose the top five you are most concerned about before proceeding to the next.

Fourth, submit your suggestion.

You can choose from the 5 aspects: people, business, economy, government and others. Continuing so by typing in the suggestion that you would love to raise.

Lastly, submit your suggestions to the Malaysia Budget 2023 site!

After completing all the steps, press the submit button, and you are done!

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