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Make Home Living Easier, Here Are 7 Genius Life Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Home is the one place where you can relax after a long day; nevertheless there is always room to improve and small ways you can make home living easier and hassle free. In this article we will tell you 7 genius life hacks that are guaranteed to make your home living that much more comfortable and relaxing.


1. Newspaper for food juices

Anyone who regularly throws garbage, especially the garbage from the kitchen, knows how the juices of the food tend to collect at the bottom of the garbage bag and no one likes to deal with that. Here’s a tip: after you replace the garbage bag of a bin and before you start throwing anything into it, put an old newspaper at the bottom. It will absorb the worst of the juices and will make throwing away the garbage much easier.


2. Bull clips to organise cables

We now live in a digital era, one filled with wireless devices; however we have not yet come to that point where we are completely wireless. Anyone who owns digital devices has faced the situation where the wire from one device gets tangled with another or where we cannot figure out which cable connects to which device. There is an easy way to solve this problem: use bull clips (binder clips) to organise your cables. Just put your cable through the handle of bullclip and clip it onto your desk. Now you can easily tell which cable goes to which device.


4. Duct tape to open tough lids

All of us have probably faced the problem of opening the lid of a jar that has been screwed on too tightly. We struggle so hard to open the jar and sometimes we just give up on it. An easy way to solve this problem is to use duct tape. Tear out a portion of duct tape, paste one part on one side of the lid and then pull on the tape; you will be able to open the jar easily. Now all you have to worry about is taking the tape off the lid.


5. Know when batteries are dying

We have all faced at once in our life the problems of a dying battery, whether it is when the TV remote suddenly stopped working or because a torch did not come on one dark night; a dying battery is annoying. But there is a way to find out whether a battery is dead or dying without having to use it in an appliance. How? By bouncing them. Take a battery and drop it on a table from roughly 6 inches high. If it bounces once and then falls then it is still charged. If it bounces many times then it is discharged or dying.


6. Shell a boiled egg with ease

People who have boiled an egg before know that the most annoying part is shelling it; however there is an easy way around this as well. When you are boiling your egg add a teaspoon of baking soda. The baking soda will make the egg shell come off easily.


7. Fix scratched wooden furniture

Wear and tear over time comes as part and parcel with all things we use, and when it comes to wooden furniture it can show fairly easily as scratches or discolorations, putting a blemish on an otherwise beautiful piece. Fortunately this can be easily fixed: all you need to do is run a walnut on the damaged area and the scratch will get covered up like it was never there to begin with. And this will put a new sheen on that old piece as well!

8. Heating up leftovers

Sometimes, even though we plan otherwise we end up making too much food for one meal and so we have leftovers which we often save in the fridge for another meal or a snack depending upon our appetite and how much is left. The easiest way to heat up leftovers is to use a microwave oven; however one of the biggest problems with microwaving is that it often leaves the centre cold. To combat this just put your leftovers on a plate and make a hole in the middle before heating it. This helps distribute the heat more evenly.

Life has its ups and downs; however there is always a way to get around most problems. Sometimes you just need to think a little differently and then you can find an easy solution to a seemingly difficult problem.

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