3 MIN READLooking for a Career Change in 2021? Here’s Your Chance!

Career Change 2021

Tired of being in the same place? Want growth and add new knowledge? We have just the answer for you – three words ‘Real Estate Negotiator (REN)’. Want a career change in 2021? This is definitely it.

Before we dive deep into this career, we first understand what a REN is and what they do.

What is a Real Estate Negotiator (REN)?

A REN is an individual who works under a real estate agency, whether a sole proprietorship or private limited (sdn bhd). REN is an important individual in the real estate industry who works with a licensed real estate agent (REA) but does not have the full qualifications and accreditation like the real estate agent himself.

However, a REN still needs a license and is registered with the Board of Valuers, Assessors, Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVAEA). So to obtain a license, an individual must complete a two-day course called the Real Estate Consultant Course or Negotiator Certification Course (NCC). Interested individuals will undergo some basics such as laws and regulations.

What do RENs do?

Well, a REN is an important person in the real estate industry. They help individuals who want to buy, sell or rent a property. With their listings (list of property they have), they promote lovely homes to interested people. RENs have a strong sense of networking as they need to meet and present to different people day in and out.

With strategic planning, they have to know what property suits the interested buyers (and their budget). Apart from meeting people, they also work on their own time. How incredible is that?

Want to know more about this life-changing career? Let’s dig in!

Training and Guidance Provided

Plenty would come and say they do not have the experience, nor they have never made sales in their entire life. We tell them otherwise. Here at IQI Global, we train our RENs to become the best.

There are free weekly training, and you can ask away any questions or doubts that you have. With over 100 years of experience and 15,000 agents throughout the globe, we help our RENs push themselves and achieve more.

Apart from that, IQI Global has a weekly online show called Property Zone, where you may learn the tricks of the trade from experienced and senior RENs. Here they will share their thoughts and provide tips on how to secure your next sale.

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Incentives of RENs

Who doesn’t want to drive their dream car? A REN can receive incentives such as their dream car, expensive overseas trips, luxury watches or items and financial freedom.

Apart from that, changing your career in 2021 as a REN means having freedom of time where you will get to spend time with your loved ones!

Thinking about how to start your career as a REN? You can read all about it here!

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Potential to Meet Clients and Networking

Career Change 2021

As we mentioned earlier, a REN will meet new people and has the ability to build their network. Networking nowadays is a necessity with professional networking. It leads to business opportunities, broader and deeper knowledge, improved capacity to innovate, faster advancement, and greater status and authority.

The network built can plan the next sales they have in store and approach more and appropriate buyers.

How much is the fee right now? Cheap and affordable!

Currently, IQI Global is offering a cheap and affordable signup fee of only RM188! Start your career change for 2021 now and be on your way to greater heights.

With weekly training and guidance from an experienced and professional team, you too can achieve growth and receive the incentives mentioned above! What are you waiting for? Opportunity doesn’t come knocking every day! Offer ends 31st May 2021! Hurry!

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