Lily Chong Column: How to help our next generation own their homes

own homes

Any support and assistance from our Government is always a bonus.

We Australians are very blessed to have a government that is innovative and always finding solutions to help the people it serves – especially for our younger generation and first homebuyers.

Despite all good intentions however, I think it is crucial to select the right applicants.

Otherwise, we will probably do more harm than good when helping those who are not yet ready for a long-term loan commitment.

own homes

By simply owning a home with a small deposit, we may even be risking taxpayer money if those first home buyers default on their loans.

To make property ownership more achievable, I think we do need to educate our younger generation to be more open minded and flexible.

From saving plans, managing their finance, to only spending within their means, all these vital lessons are not incorporated into our education system – but are so important for the younger generation to learn.

Also, we all need to accept that the home ownership dream will not always be a huge home with a backyard. We need to forget about the big backyard as our population is growing, unless we choose to live far from amenities.

We need to encourage infill area by changing the zoning size with smaller houses, or more apartment living, by providing practical benefits like cheaper stamp duty as well as lower council rates.

We must make this kind of living more affordable, not just for the younger generation, but also for retirees and downsizers, so that they don’t need to pay high yearly expenses to enjoy apartment living.

own homes

Apartment living must be made an attractive option, instead of the last option.

When more people consider apartment living and support our government in fulfilling this vision, we can reduce urban sprawl.

This also means less money needs to be spent on continuing to extend freeway and train services or building amenities to support such small populations.

For me personally, urban sprawl isn’t practical given public transport is empty most of the time as commuters prefer driving.

own homes

As a real estate agent, I strongly believe people who invest or purchase apartments have contributed to the community by creating jobs.

Quality surveyors, builder, electrician, drafter, town planner, architecture, brick layer, suppliers for building materials, the transport industry, real estate agent, banker, broker, settlement agents etc.

The fact still remains, new and continuing developments create jobs and keeps Western Australia’s economy moving.

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