Life Without The Internet: Pros and Cons

No social media, no streaming movies or tv shows online… no YouTube… such a terrifying thought, isn’t it?Well, that’s how life would be like should the internet not exist or turn obsolete. 

Although this scenario is purely hypothetical, it’s still a situation worth pondering. Let’s get down to brass tacks about what it’ll be like should you go through life…. ‘Un-Internet’. 

Here are the pros and cons of it all:


Limited Information Scope

internetLet’s be honest. Google has helped us gain knowledge in things we weren’t even looking for time and time again. Imagine doing your assignments or your final year thesis without google? Horrifying, right? 

From historic events like the wars that have engulfed our world in the past to the more grounded things like how to make a healthy salad for dinner-the internet is vast information hub with no barriers. 

Taking away the internet means taking away educational access from a whole spectrum of people from different backgrounds who depend on it for information.  


Connecting Long Distance Would Be Tough

life withoutNowadays, if you have a friend or sibling who opted to study overseas, it isn’t too difficult to see their faces.

There are a plethora of communicational applications and devices that can help you to see a person who lives 10,000km away from you. Even every day if you want. 

Unfortunately, should the internet not be around, this would be impossible. People would be limited to sending postcards and hand-letters as they did many years ago, making the feeling of distance be even more glaring. 

Of course, online talks and conferences would be non-existent as well. As such, it would be impossible for us to gain access to the knowledge passed down upon industry experts who live hundreds of miles away from us.

Fortunately, a life without the internet is merely hypothetical, and we do have access to a wealth of valuable information right at our fingertips. One such information hub is ADAPT. The ADAPT convention is set on bringing forth international collaborations that will mark the implementation and execution of new technological ideas.

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We’d Have a Really Hard Time During The Pandemic

When the pandemic hit us back in 2019, life as we know it changed significantly. From student classrooms to coffee runs, everything took a 360 degree turn. 

The pandemic pushed companies, industries, even governments to adapt to a fully-remote ecosystem due to the necessity of social-distancing. 

Throughout this pandemic, even now with vaccines on the horizon, people have grwn accustomed to doing things from the comforts of their own home. 

E-commerce is an example of an industry that has boomed and thrived throughout the pandemic because people can only shop online. 

There’s also been a surge of demand in online communication platforms such as Discord and Slack. In addition to that, online games that help you connect with distant loved ones have seen an uptick as well.

It is sufficient to say that the entirety of our existence throughout the pandemic and lockdowns were highly dependent on the internet. Imagine how hard everything it would be if the internet wasn’t around? 


That being said, there might be some positives from the absence of the internet as well, such as..

Less Distraction

One of the more undesirable aspect of the internet is how addictive it can be. Internet addiction is not uncommon among youths, spanning a range of behavioral and impulse-control problems. 

Unverified Source Materials

life withoutWhen teens are left unchecked to their *literal* devices, they might uncover some potentially damaging material from the internet. In turn, they might run into some potentially false or harmful sources for the solutions that they are trying to find from the internet. 

To us, the internet is what you make of it. Parents should keep tabs on their children who use the internet on a daily-basis to ensure that they’re not going through anything unverified.

We also believe that the internet is an important tool to the overall evolution of the technological industry, as more industries and services increase efficiency through the usage of the internet. So, life without it would be glum.


We’re fans of everything digital, and that includes the internet! Regardless of it’s pros and cons. Join us as we disrupt the technological age of the 21st century!

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