La Maison Plaza and Juwai IQI cooperate on project sales for the international market

La Maison Plaza and Juwai IQI cooperate on project sales for the international market

Juwai IQI

La Maison Plaza hosted a partnership reception with the representative of Juwai IQI, one of the leading real estate firms providing real estate information, consultation service and real estate investment in Asia and China with 21 member countries.

Through this partnership, Juwai IQI will bring the shophouse project of La Maison Plaza to the international market where foreigners are eligible to buy and own the shophouse of La Maison Plaza in Cambodia.

Dave Chong, Group Vice President of Juwai IQI said the real estate sector in Cambodia is developing rapidly and highly favorable for investments.

Due to the stable politic environment and economic growth provided by the Royal Government, Cambodia’s real estate is profitable for now and in the future.

“La Maison Plaza project has many special features of which Juwai IQI is interested and establishing cooperation to bring the project into the international real estate market. Each house in the project is not only designed for a living but also a multi-purpose shophouse located in the heart of the Northern region of Phnom Penh.”

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