1 MIN READJuwai IQI survey reveals Malaysians are shopping online more before COVID-19

Based on Juwai IQI’s latest survey, the company found that 57 per cent of Malaysians are shopping online more than they ever did pre-pandemic, leading to an unprecedented boom for online shopping in the country.
Juwai IQI Group co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Kashif Ansari said that Lazada Malaysia reported a 300 per cent increase in the number of new online sellers.
“Bank Negara Malaysia said that online retail sales have nearly doubled during the pandemic, and our data shows that more consumers are spending more online today than just over a year ago,” he said.
He said that the online shopping boom coincides with the rapid acceleration of other parts of the economy, resulting in a surge of cashless payments, super app usage and mobile Internet penetration.
“Retailers and producers are ramping up their online presence so they can successfully sell to consumers who are increasingly buying via their mobile phone rather than in person.
“It’s happening in real estate, which used to be considered the most off-line of industries. Buyers can now complete almost the entire transaction without ever leaving their own home,” he added.
Source: Astro Awani

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