Juwai IQI Reveals Carbon Emission Calculator In SuperApp

Juwai IQI Reveals Carbon Emission Calculator In SuperApp

Juwai IQI reveals it will build a new carbon emission calculator into its super-app, Atlas, which is used by members of its 30,000-strong global agent network.

The calculator will empower homebuyers with simple, clear, and actionable data on homes’ environmental impacts and running costs to reduce carbon footprint.

Sustainability is a priority for people of all ages, and Juwai IQI’s initiative to achieve net zero emissions will solve the problem that today there is no independent source of this information built into property listings in most countries of the world.

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Juwai IQI Co-Founder and Group CEO Kashif Ansari said:

“We are working toward the next generation, where being green will be the first priority in choosing many things in life – including homes.

“We want to empower consumers with a greater awareness of their climate impacts and the ability to reduce their water and energy bills. Developers are rapidly moving towards more sustainable construction, but there are no good tools to communicate the benefits of new green buildings to potential buyers.

“Our new carbon emissions calculator is the next step for Juwai IQI after our commitment in May 2021 to achieve net zero emissions and carbon neutral certification from 2030.

How It Will Work

“We will begin by integrating our climate emissions calculator into our super-app, Atlas. From there, we can feed the data to third-party portals and our own real estate listing portals, including iqiglobal.com, juwai.com, and juwai.asia.

“The calculator will be a small, illustrated data window on each listing that reports on the property’s carbon footprint and likely lifestyle-related carbon footprints of the people who live there. A family walking to schools, shops, and mass transit will have a smaller carbon footprint than one that must drive to reach these amenities.

“We already provide buyers with a mortgage calculator, and it won’t be long before the climate emissions calculator is just as important to buyers.

“Homes that otherwise look identical can have vastly different climate impacts. Juwai IQI climate emissions calculator will make it easy to compare homes’ sustainability.

“Despite rapid innovation in construction techniques and materials, buildings still account for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Surprisingly small changes can make a big difference. For example, when you put air conditioning vents in the floor rather than the wall or ceiling, buildings can save one-third of the energy used for cooling. In hot climates, you can save more energy by using window glass designed to let in the light but not the heat.

Green Homes Are Good Investments

“Green homes are not just the right thing to do. They can also be good investments. Numerous studies from Asia, Europe, and North America indicate that green homes can resell for a premium of as much as 9% compared to otherwise similar properties.

“For a typical median-priced home in the markets we looked at, selling your green home can earn you as much as US$112,000. That makes green homes a much better investment.”

This report was also featured in: RETalk Asia, Forbes, The Sun Daily, Online Marketplaces, New Straits Times, Malaya Business Insight

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