1 MIN READJuwai IQI Announces Successful Onboard Project

Asian proptech giant, Juwai IQI, has announced a successful onboarding program where it was able to recruit top talent, including appointing senior executives from other fields and hiring some 4,000 real estate agents since January 2021. This new hiring spree brings the total number of global agents under the Juwai IQI brand to 18,500.

Juwai IQI Group Co-Founder and CEO Kashif Ansari said:

“Because of our rapid growth and good property market conditions in many countries, potential agents are flooding our recruiting events to find out more. The real estate industry offers an attractive opportunity to both young and experienced professionals from almost any field. Most people who join us like to feel a direct connection between effort and results, which can be difficult to find in other industries.

“With our rapid recruiting and expansion this year, our global agent force now numbers 18,500, up from 15,000 in 2020.”


Read more here: www.onlinemarketplaces.com

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