Join IQI! Comic Version

Do you have what it takes to be successful? Here are a few scenarios that you may or may not have been exposed to as you traverse through your job-hunting journey. 


Part 1: The Clueless Journey

At the start, you may find that is slightly difficult to find the ‘right’ job for you as you may be met with an abundant of ‘fast-money’ mlm schemes, jobs that require 5 to 10 years of experience, and numerous ‘new job’ fads. That being said, looking for that perfect job is part of the journey itself. 

Then you search.. and you search.. until finally, you come across that one ‘interesting’ job. Coincidentally, it’s from IQI, a real estate agency. 


Part 2: Finding ‘The One’

Fast forward, you are now part of the IQI team. Here, as part of the team, you will PROSPER. As a real estate negotiator, you are exposed to a variety of training and growth. As a real estate negotiator, not only will you be able to achieve high-figure commissions, you will also be rewarded with various incentives based on your results ranging between different campaigns. 

Grow and aspire to greater heights, with full support and training from your team members! 


Part 3: The End

Now that you’re part of the IQI team, why not push others to join you as well? Let them go through the hero’s journey that you went through, and show them the path to being a real estate negotiator! 


Become part of the IQI narrative today, come and join us as a real estate negotiator! 

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