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6 criteria of a successful real estate agency in Malaysia

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Let us talk about why you should join the IQI agency – where the experience is uniquely different from everyone else and how you will benefit immensely by joining us.

In the world of business, it is no secret that the spirit of competition is a vital principle. When it comes to recruitment, you will want to attract the best and the brightest people to act as the foundation and grassroots of your company. However, in an age and industry where we are spoiled for choice, how does one distinguish the best from the rest?

1. A winning team

If you are looking for a company that is a cut above the rest, look no further than IQI. This is a company that is proud of its ability to combine global insights and industry practices with local knowledge, creating a unique sales technique that is both friendly and professional. IQI’s accomplishments are further exemplified by the awards won over the years:

  • All-Star Agency Diamond Award – StarProperty Real Estate Awards (SREA) 2019
  • Top Voted Agency Award – StarProperty Real Estate Awards (SREA) 2019
  • Caring Coral Agency Award – StarProperty Real Estate Awards (SREA) 2019
  • Excellence in Investment & Advisory Firm – Global Business Leadership Awards 2019
  • Agency of the year (Titanium) – iProperty Agents Advertising Awards 2018
  • All-Star Agency (5 stars) – StarProperty Real Estate Awards (SREA) 2018
  • Top-Voted Agency – StarProperty Real Estate Awards (SREA) 2018

2. A global consultant

By joining IQI, you will get the advantage of being part of an international real estate team, headquartered in Dubai and with offices in Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, and Canada, offering you a wide range of investment choices with reputable developers worldwide.

Since our merger with in 2019, our agents have greater access for Chinese property investors to purchase homes in the Asia Pacific region via the website or offline marketing by IQI Global. currently reaches 3.3 million users monthly with 2.8 million listings from 91 countries.

Most recently, IQI has merged with real estate agency RINA Group with more than 1,000 agents and negotiators.

Being in an international company opens up a wide array of choices for you with different countries and places to work in and fit in as well.

3. Leading by example

At IQI, our agents are part of one of several teams, each with their own Head of Team.

IQI understands that a true leader means to be someone everyone wants to follow. Our leaders are chosen from the best of the best; they will guide you and teach you how to bring out the best in you and show you how to go beyond your boundaries.

We also have excellent training programs for all levels of agents, to teach you everything about real estate and make you an efficient and successful realtor.

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4. Empowering you

What we do changes people’s lives. You can look at us in two ways: we help people create successful real estate businesses; and we help people realize their property dreams, whether it means owning their own home or building an investment portfolio.

We’re connected. When people talk about us you’ll always hear the words team or family. It’s because we are close, we work together and the way we do business is personal. We’re demanding but we’ll do anything to help you succeed.

We’re a bit full-on. What we mean is that our people work hard and enjoy a full, rounded and energized life. We support that. In the way, we lead people. In the way, we support each other. In the way, we have designed our benefits.

We have a ball. We like to celebrate success and we’re famous for it. We do it in every city and across the region. We reward our stars and our teams who always go one step further for our customers.

We are balanced. At IQI we maintain a good work-life balance that builds loyalty and commitment.

5. We have an expert team with experience

When it comes to creating leaders in the field, IQI stands head and shoulders above the rest. At IQI, you will be guided by an international team of experts who will explain the nitty-gritty of real estate business, the ways to handle sales and financial hurdles, the laws governing real estate investment in different countries and how to engage with property developers. And all this in a fun and inclusive environment that celebrates your learning and milestones regularly with amazing gifts and travel opportunities.

6. We believe in a better world

IQI is well known and recognized for its corporate responsibility to society. Our community is our family and we empower our members to give back to the community. We come up with creative ways to support local causes like orphanages and old people’s homes and actively promote altruism among our employees. When you join as an IQI agent, you will know we have the heart to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

IQI has set up and later supported the LoveRun charity running event, an event where the money is raised for several charities. On top of that, IQI has worked with blood donation drives and supports Rumah Aman, an underprivileged children’s home.

Why Join IQI?

IQI is a not just a brand or a company, it is a community of passionate achievers. If history has taught us anything, it has taught us that the strongest are those who work together. IQI knows how important family is and we know how important it is to look after that family, providing them with something rock solid that they can hold on to.

In all of history, real estate is a proven investment choice that remains stable no matter how much turmoil the economy faces. This is why IQI strives to be the best real estate agency that can offer you the peace of mind of dealing with a stable company that will guide you through any tricky investment terrain.

Do you want what is best for you? Are you daring and bold? Are you willing to think beyond the box? If you answered yes, then IQI is the best fit for you! Join our award-winning agency TODAY!

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