8 Steps to Getting a Job in Canada as a Newcomer [2022]

Whether you’re an international student seeking a career after graduation or decided to move your family to Canada for better opportunities – one of the first challenges is finding a job.

The good news is that Canada is welcoming, and people are eager to meet you! Here are 8 steps to getting started with your job search. 

1. Have Your Documents in Order

 Before starting anything, research whether you can work in Canada as a non-citizen. Be sure to collect all documents together and keep them in an envelope and scan them for an online job search. 

You don’t want to be offered a job only to delay for a week due to a messy file arrangement.


2. Consider a Work Search Program

 Several organizations can assist you in finding a job in Canada, including Employment Services Canada, the YWCA/YMCA, Skilled Immigrant Info Centre, and more. 

Several websites have sections devoted to helping newcomers find a job, such as Monster, Job Bank, Indeed, Canada Visa Job Search Tool, Immigration.ca, and more. Utilized the tools offered for a wide range of choices. 


3. Have an Updated Resume & Letter 

 While you still need to list your current education and previous jobs, it’s also essential to list your skillsets, achievements and accomplishments you have made.

You’ll also need to tailor your resume to any job you are specifically applying for. 

It may seem like a lot of work at first, but soon you’ll have several resumes on file, and you can grab the most relevant one for the next job you apply for. 


4. Consider Taking Up More Educational Courses

 Suppose you’ve lost several certificates before moving to Canada; research to see if you can gain new copies. Most educational institutes can provide documents to you through an online portal. 

Once you have these, see if they’re pertinent to where you want to work in Canada. For instance, if you’re seeking a job as an electrician, you may need to update your licences according to Canadian law. You may need to update your skills to work in Canada if you’re a nurse. 

But if you’re seeking an entry-level position, you should be all right with your current portfolio.


5. Start Networking with People

This also offers a great way to get to know your neighbours and the people who work in local restaurants and stores you frequent. 

Don’t take too much of their time but let them know what type of work you seek, and ask if there are any openings at that business. 

If not, ask if you can check back with them in a week or so. If you had contact with specific agencies who provided you with work permits in Canada, stay in touch with them about potential future work. 

You never know when even the neighbour beside you may hear about a job opening somewhere. 


6. Seek Current References

Any references you have don’t have to be job-related. If there is someone you’ve known since you arrived in Canada, ask them for a character reference. 

They may have glowing recommendations about your kindness, willingness to help a neighbour, or how considerate and friendly you are. These are also skills that many service-based businesses will be seeking.


7. Practice Your Job Interview Skills

 Try practicing with people you don’t know too well. It will emulate how you feel when meeting your potential interviewer when they ask you specific job-related questions. Ask a neighbour if they’ll help you out. Some of the questions should be simple, while others should be complex. 

The more you practice answering these questions, the better you’ll become at succeeding in your following actual job interview. 


8. Join a Job Search Club

 It can be tempting to skip your job search for a few days, so try joining a job search group – it may be right for you. 

Each day, check-in and tell everyone what you’ve been doing. You’ll note your successes and your failures, and people within the group will provide advice. This will make you more accountable and inspire you to work on your job search from Monday to Friday. 



It’s best to ignore negative people who say it will be difficult for you to find a job once you’ve moved to Canada. There is plenty of help out there. Be sure to dedicate at least six to eight hours daily to your job search, just like if you worked a real job. 

Soon you’ll find your first job! And if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay because now you have relevant experience to list on your resume for that ideal job ahead!

Seeking an opportunity to start anew in Canada? Chat with our Canada team, who can provide the support you need.

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