Laid-Off Pilot Turned Property Agent: Jayden Ng's Success Story

Laid-Off Pilot Turned Property Agent: Jayden Ng’s Success Story


As a child, did you have dreams? Did you realise that dream at the time, or did you just forget about it?  

Not many would’ve followed their dreams and changed their course of career as there may have been problems in life which prevented them from doing so. Since it is not the career you’ve dreamt of, you will start to doubt this career choice, and eventually will lose all motivation for the job.    

However, there is a person who didn’t allow the failure of his dream job to become a pilot to affect his life. Having the mindset of believing in himself and to have an open heart, he still shone bright after entering the real estate industry. 

From making millions of sales in 6 months to becoming a Star Property real estate agent in one year, Jayden Ng achieved a goal that many people can’t in a short period of time.

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Promising Beginnings

Since Jayden was a child, he has always loved being outdoors and had a dream of being a pilot. He was fortunate enough to join the “Pilot Training Program”, organised by the airline school when he was in college where he conducted training for two years.  

When he graduated, he imagined his dream becoming reality and officially become a pilot. However, with a turn of events, Jayden became unemployed. With the looming of Covid-19 settling its dust in Malaysia, flights were restricted due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) enforced by the Malaysian government.


Jayden Ng: Unemployed after graduating from aviation school, the dream of being a pilot was gone. (Source: Jayden Ng脸书

Dropping out of his bachelor’s degree in Business and being unable to land a job as a pilot, the young Jayden had to scour a way to find a job and didn’t waste his time finding one. 

Jayden went on to obtain an office job, but quickly noticed that working a 9-to-5 office job was not for him, as he had always liked to be on the go. 

He wanted to escape the reality of the concrete jungle badly. With the stroke of luck, an advertisement for a job at a real estate company came by, hence he decided to join the ever-so challenging challenge of being a realtor!


With No Prior Knowledge, He Faced Numerous Obstacles

Although Jayden has been working since the young age of 18, it was his first time working in real estate. It was no surprise that the early stages of being an agent were difficult. 

He recalled an unfortunate event which had stemmed from the lack of knowledge in the industry. Although he had managed to rack in RM 35 million worth of sales in 2021, the SPAs (Sale & Purchase Agreement) could not be signed due to the fact his clients weren’t able to acquire mortgage loans. 



Due to unsuccessful closures in the agreements, Jayden had lost RM25 million in total sales, leading him to have no income for 4 months since becoming a property agent. 

In addition, he had also encountered difficulties with the team he built. With lack of experience and skills as a team leader in real estate, all 70 members who were recruited eventually left the industry. 


Bad News Further Sprang Out 

The downhill of his career was bad enough, but troubling news further appeared to be coming. 

His mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. 

He already had a heavy heart, so with the addition of his mother’s illness it was a double whammy to him. This made him grow up to be a man really quick.   



So, for a moment he took the necessary responsibilities and took care of his mother, while Jayden’s father had been the family’s breadwinner. 

It didn’t end there though. Jayden is a tough nut, if you haven’t realised it.

Jayden took the initiative to continue working in the midst of looking after his mother. During this dark period of time, he hid his sadness and ventured on with his work with a positive mindset. From calling customers while being in the hospital to following up the team’s progress on sales, Jayden had miraculously balanced it well.   



To return the favour, Jayden took the initiative to continue working in the midst of looking after his mother. It may be difficult, but he had wished to make an income to support his family and provide them a better life that they deserved. 

He wasn’t just in it for the money, but also hoped to make an income to support his family and provide them a better life they deserved. As time is precious, Jayden didn’t wait until his parent’s time was up only to find out that he did not fulfill his wishes. 

Nevertheless, he believes that it was a mission to allow more young people to realise this as soon as possible and inspire them to make changes for themselves when you can.


Believe In Yourself, Have A Positive Mindset

“When Something Arises, Do Not Think It’s Too Good, Nor Too Bad. But Keep Things As Neutral As Possible.” 


Many would’ve left the real estate industry if they had similar encounters like Jayden’s as it would have been a big burden. In Jayden’s book, he persisted through all the hardships to date by relying on his beliefs and self-faith to succeed. 



To recap a little:

Jayden was faced with multiple difficulties. He was about to lose RM 25 million sales orders, zero income for 4 months, failure of leading the team and an ill mother who was hospitalised. 

But he understood the meaning of “We Need To Pass The Darkness, To See Light”, citing these difficulties as temporary and he will survive. 



“I may be a loser today, but I’m not a loser for life. I don’t believe I can’t do it. If I can’t do it in 4 months, I’ll give it 8 months, and if I can’t do it in 8 months, I’ll give it 1 year, 2 years here.” 

Since then, Jayden has become an influence due to his beliefs and self-faith. And if there was an obstacle, he knew to keep his cool and pursue it.


The Road To Success Depended On 3 Rules 

Through every dark cloud, there’s a silver lining to look forward to. 

After numerous hurdles tossed at him, Jayden eventually managed to accomplish an achievement, which was reaching sales performance of RM20 million within 6 months. He also won an honour under the Star Property real estate awards a year later.


Jayden believes that these aren’t his real success, but success is defined as never backing down and constantly standing up after every failure. 

“I didn’t get knocked down (failure), like I’m giving up, but that’s success.” 

Jayden believes that there is no secret to his persistence to this day, but he adheres to three conditions: believing in himself, an “All-In” mentality and a peaceful mind.


1. Believe In Yourself

Source: Jayden Ng脸书

In addition to believing that he can get through the difficult times, Jayden also believes that he can achieve the goals he has set at work and keeps working hard to achieve them. 

He revealed that when he joined IQI, he had dreams to be a top leader in the real estate agency. However, many didn’t believe he could achieve the goal to be one. 

He didn’t care what others thought of him and believed that his goals would be achieved. Hence, he worked hard, with patience and perseverance to reach where he believes he could. 

“Because you can’t see what I see, and because I see it, I do it (with effort).”


As of today, Jayden has achieved two goals: RM20 million in sales and an award from Star Property. He is aiming to be the Head of Team and destined to become IQI’s first and youngest male team leader. 

“Although it is difficult, I like challenges. The harder the things are, the more I want to do them!”


For Jayden, he isn’t satisfied with his achievements. Until he achieves to be a Team Manager, he won’t relax nor take it easy. 


2. The “All-In” Mentality




That’s Jayden’s mentality!

To reach his goals, he knew he needed to work hard. He would sacrifice his break and meal times to reach where he believes he stands. 


Source: Jayden Ng脸书

Jayden mentioned that he has not achieved the work-life balance phase yet, and that he is still young and has the energy to work hard. 

“Go all-in or go home, this is my philosophy. I chose All-In. I can sacrifice everything to achieve a career and achieve my goals, this is my spirit”, stated by Jayden. 


3. Keep A Calm Mind



From the interview we had with Jayden, it wasn’t a surprise that he kept his cool about everything and the difficulties he faced. 

Although he had faced numerous difficulties, he kept a positive mind. The concept of “anything can happen” had also been ingrained in him. So, he’s prepared and isn’t afraid to face any difficulties. 

“Keep calm and steady so that nothing beats you.”

After reading Jayden’s inspiring story, do you believe that you can do it too? Would you work your way with your own hardships and become the second Jayden?

As long as you work hard and believe in yourself, nothing is impossible, especially IQI can help you create infinite possibilities!

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