Is the global economy in for a reset?

Juwai IQI Shan Saeed



COVID-19 has created a financial bazooka for the global economy. Markets are going through an interplay between epidemiology and economics. Governments are having to trade off between healthcare and economic care.

Around 60-73 million people have lost their jobs globally. So the big question is: Is the global economy heading for reset and following the new world order?



Juwai IQI chief economist Shan Saeed commented yes to the above question.

The digitalisation of economy and assets is happening at a phenomenal speed, and there are a few noticeable variables coming into the global markets.

1. Digital passport (healthcare passport) is going to be introduced.

2. QR will be mandatory in your mobile.

3. Paper currency will be replaced by digital currency.

4. Vaccines and chips details are required for all financial market transactions.

5. Technology takes the center stage. AI/EV/5G will become very significant.

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Source: The Sun Daily

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