4 MIN READIQI launching new office with growing optimism of Dubai real estate market

Leading global real estate and Asia’s biggest proptech group for global properties, IQI expanded its presence in Dubai and opening a new office to cater to the growing demand for Dubai real estate. After the successful merger between IQI and Juwai.com, the leading property portal for Chinese investors, the merged company saw interest in Dubai from foreign buyers increasing significantly.

Developed under the meticulous guidance of IQI Global, the recent new structure of the headquarters’ office with the combination of the new management of IQI Dubai, is geared to breathe new air into the customer’s satisfaction centric businesses of serving the property industry of the United Arab Emirates.

Kashif Ansari, Group CEO of IQI said, “The real estate market in Dubai is growing steadily and we have seen increased demand from Asia and the rest of the world. The initiatives from the Dubai government are very positive, especially with the proactive and prudent visa strategies which have aligned with the 50-year plan for the Emirates and the frenzy leading up to the Expo 2020.”

With such plans in place to attract more investors and potential visitor, we are filled with anticipation in converting to long-term residents which will invert the property market demand curve to match the supply.


The ever-growing real estate market of Dubai

As indicated by esteemed industry analysts, the statistical data show an excess supply of handed over properties over demand in the initial quarters of the year 2020. The market is looking for new avenues to promote the ever-growing, increasingly promising multicultural hub that is Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With such findings, the enthusiastic team strongly believed that their brand brings to the market new energy and vision with a broker’s force to match. 

Backed by data from Juwai.com of Chinese property consumers dating back over the past seven years, Dubai stands out as one of the top destinations for Chinese investors. To serve this market, IQI announced its partnership with Key One Realty Group, the leading real estate firm in Dubai.

Kashif Ansari, Group CEO of IQI “We are very excited about this partnership. With the data from the 3.3 million visitors every month on Juwai.com, we’re able to analyse the trends and demand for property in specific regions and tailor products to meet those needs.”. Juwai.com currently serves a large number of buyers from China and South East Asia and the merged company now plans on expanding its success across the Middle East, North Africa and India.

The global real estate market saw transactions of $1.6 trillion in 2018 with Indians being the second-largest group of foreign home buyers in the world after the Chinese. The number of new high worth individuals in India grew by around 26%. With these figures in mind, Kashif Ansari added: “With our success in China and Asia, we are confident of being able to serve Indian clients in their search for global property investments.”

The company is investing in Artificial Intelligence systems seeded by seven years of online data from Juwai.com and human intelligence provided by IQI’s team of over 6000 people globally. The algorithms will analyse consumer behaviour and patterns to determine consumer intent, such as relocation or retirement, instead of just suggesting the property.

“Juwai.com offers more than just property. It’s a property marketplace.”

Key One Realty Group’s Principal, Diana Magariu said “The partnership with IQI will strengthen our team and give us access to global properties and consumers. Following the vision of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Emiratisation plan, we plan on providing training and employment programmes, career guidance and counselling programmes in real estate for Emiratis.”.

“One of our core strengths is our excellence in human development which consist of regular training programs, soft skills and professional development,” added Diana Magariu.

Kashif Ansari concluded, “Bringing together Juwai, IQI and Key One Realty Group, backed by our AI services, we plan on being the lamp of Aladdin – where consumers visit, and their problem is solved.”

If you are a buyer, seller or investor residing in Dubai, please do drop by the office or give us a call at +(971) 4352 4748.

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