ALERT: IQI Does Not Operate "IQI-GLOBAL"

ALERT: IQI Does Not Operate “IQI-GLOBAL.”

Recently, it has come to our attention that the webpage iqi-global has been falsely advertising itself as affiliated with ‘IQI Global’ by branding itself as part of IQI Global. 

We want to stress that we have ZERO connection to the webpage “iqi-global.”

Once again, we would like to stress that we have no relationship with “iqi-global” and that we urge the public to exercise extreme caution if approached by or are considering dealings with this business, and Juwai IQI will not be held liable for any claims or losses arising in any way from such transactions.

IQI takes fraud, misrepresentation and trademark infringement matters seriously and will take legal action regarding such issues.



Previously, we have also reported that our confidential information was fraudulently used without our consent by a purported “Financial Investment” business promoted under the name ‘Iqiglobalfx’ and website ‘’, IQIREALTY.LTD and IQILIST.

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