Working in IQI Canada: Realtors Share 7 Biggest Takeaways

IQI Canada

A real estate agency can self-proclaim as the best firm to work in in the world, but we all know that only employees know the real deal of how the actual working culture is. 

So let’s see how the realtors in IQI Canada, an overseas branch office of IQI Global, think about their company.

Verified Warms Leads & Limitless Growth Possibilities

IQI understands that the entire process from sourcing clients to closing deals is a weary and repetitive task that requires a lot of time and effort. So they thought – how can we help our realtors save time, so they can focus on one thing: to close deals?

By providing verified warm leads and an in-house superapp called Atlas

With verified warm leads, realtors in IQI Canada no longer need to waste time searching and calling for potential clients themselves, and can communicate directly with interested clients to discover their wants and needs. Efficiency = MAX.

But how does IQI’s unique superapp Atlas provide realtors with limitless growth possibilities?

It helps them easily keep everything in check – getting first-hand notifications on any inquiries made from clients, being able to track all sales processes, and getting all the ready-made marketing resources like flyers and information about a certain listing (and even pre-construction projects) to promote and share to their clients!

With all these features available at just a few clicks away, realtors in IQI Canada can surely provide a seamless and satisfactory transaction and service to their clients. With the process so easy and efficient, there’s no doubt that growth possibilities in IQI are limitless for realtors!


Regular Training Provided & Perfect for Starting Out

We all know that industries and market trends are always changing, and if companies don’t evolve with it, they’ll either be eliminated or left behind. Understanding that employees are the most valuable assets an organization has, IQI provides regular training for all their realtors to keep up with the latest industry demands! 

Inviting renowned speakers from the business, digital marketing, motivational industries and more, IQI realtors are able to upskill themselves weekly both practically and mentally. 

IQI Canada even has a learning platform that is available 24/7 for realtors to access, called IQI Academy. Realtors will have access to property 101 video guides, introductory project listing videos, tips on how to secure clients, and so on. 

So even if you have no experience in the real estate business at all, IQI can provide you continuous training alongside a supportive team of successful realtors to learn from. Already an experienced realtor but looking to reach greater heights? IQI Canada can definitely be a stepping stone for you to do so too.

Interested to become a realtor in IQI Canada? Click here!


Excellent Working Environment & Support System

Transparency is key to success in business. Having an open funnel for communication to clear up any confusion and solve problems is essential for a business to (rock n’) roll. Davina, a realtor in IQI Canada, fully agrees and benefits from it!

Be it questions on how to navigate Atlas, enquiry on a certain intriguing overseas property listing, or even tips on how to close deals – our support team and fellow realtors will gladly share it with those interested. 

Remember the first testimonial from Bob Zhou, where he mentioned how IQI Canada made the process simple so realtors can focus on achieving just one thing: to close deals? Davina here also has the same thoughts! We can really see that IQI Canada supports realtors in many ways to prioritize efficiency and to make the process as seamless as can be. 

testimonial lilian chin

Retain Up To 95% Of Your Commission

We all know that realtors make money through commission, but each company offers a different percentage of commission a realtor is able to retain. And IQI offers an astonishing percentage of 95% commission for subsale properties! Being able to retain such a percentage for each of your sales is definitely uncommon in the industry, and is definitely an advantage for your career and finances.


Now you’ve seen how realtors view IQI Canada and its culture. Do you want to enjoy the same benefits they do?

Grow and empower yourself and your life to reach your full potential with IQI Canada. Fill in the form below and kick-start your pathway to greatness right here, right now! 

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