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IQI Announces New Office in Lahore, Pakistan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Nov 5, 2015) – IQI, a leading investment and Real Estate advisory firm, announced today that it has opened a new office in Mumbai, India to expand its global presence and footprint in a country of more than 1 billion people.

IQI’s India office will serve global customers seeking properties in India as well as introducing investment opportunities for its Indian clients to fast growing hotspots like Malaysia, Philippines and Dubai.

Mr Manish Agrawal, Managing Partner in India is a CFA and finance professional turned Entrepreneur. He boasts 17 years of experience in the corporate world in India, Dubai & Qatar for companies such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch and The Royal Bank of Scotland managing portfolios across asset classes for HNIs, Ultra HNIs and institutions.

Constantly monitoring and analyzing the developments and trends in global real estate markets, Manish is an astute investor and his views and opinions on the subject are featured in leading newspapers and publications in the Middle East and South Asia.

With its team of over 600 professionals located globally across Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Melbourne, Manilla, Toronto, Cairo, Tokyo and London, the addition of the India office will help to better serve its global clients.

About IQI. Founded in 2011, IQI has quickly established a reputation for excellence, offering cutting edge business, retail and investment services worldwide. They have been able to do this by bringing together some of the industry’s best minds and expertise from across the world. In this short period of time IQI has grown exponentially and boast hundreds of millions of dollars of international property sales. This is complemented with an impressive market reach bolstered by links to institutional investors and access to over 600 dedicated sales staff globally.

IQI creates a market place for buying and selling real estate and property investments. They operate internationally in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Melbourne, Manilla, Toronto, Cairo, Tokyo and London. While global operations can create complexities, when running the global operations IQI representatives take the time to understand their surroundings and provide locally sensitive services. This ensures their clients get the best possible entry into markets.

IQI believes in providing excellence in everything they do. From business services to real estate investments this company Dare to Dream Big. Lies at the heart of IQI however, is the spirit of honesty and integrity. They strongly believe that without this foundation they would not be able to deliver outstanding services for their clients.

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