Meet Our Speakers for the ADAPT CONVENTION 2022!

Introducing Our Remarkable Speakers for the ADAPT CONVENTION 2022!

We’re excited to announce ADAPT International Convention 2022, a two-day online conference meant to inspire you to discover new strategies to evolve yourself and your business with the new era of technologies. Attend this event to learn from renowned industry experts working to maximize emerging technology use.

ADAPT 2022 will take place on December 13-14, 2022. The conference will cover themes ranging from the Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Assets. As we have 3 main themes, let’s introduce the renowned speakers according to their area!

Meet Our Keynote Speakers!


1. Ar. Qhawarizmi Norhisham

2. George Wong

Artificial Intelligence

1. Ivana Bartoletti

2. Wang Qi Xin

Digital Assets

1. Ivy Fung

2. Mohamed DW


Ar. Qhawarizmi Norhisham

Ar. Qhawarizmi Norhisham

COO and Co-Founder of Seetizens Plus

“Metaverse Architecture: A Look Into The Future Property”

Qhawarizmi will speak on Day 2 in Room 2 of ADAPT 2022 in a session on Metaverse Architecture: A Look Into The Future Property. He is a firm believer in the continuous discipline of honing the craft of design thinking. Trained as an architect at the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), University of Technology Sydney (UTS), The AEDES Metropolitan Laboratory Berlin, and Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI).

He is the COO of Seetizens Plus, a strategic digital agency that works in the AR, VR, Metaverse, Web3.0 and NFT space. Not only that, he also runs multiple practices. Principal of Qhawarizmi Architect and Director of Praktika Architects Sdn. Bhd, and Partner of a research think tank, Manifesto of Design and Research in Architecture (MDRXA). Currently, he is the Malaysian representative in the ARCASIA Committee on Young Architects (ACYA). Also the recipient of Khazanah Design Residency, the PAM Chan Sau Lai Award, and the PAM Johnson Suisse Scholarship Award, among others.


George Wong

George WongSingapore & Malaysia Head of The Sandbox

“Building The Open NFT Metaverse”

George Wong will discuss the Building The Open NFT Metaverse on the First day of the event in Room 2. He is from The Sandbox, the most popular metaverse based on blockchain technology, a leading decentralized virtual world and a subsidiary of Animoca Brands as the Head of Singapore and Malaysia. Concurrently, he’s the Sub-committee Chairperson for NFTs & Metaverses in ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia, the Honorary Secretary for Women in Blockchain Asia and the Founder of Reactive Labs, a blockchain advisory.  

Prior to this, he ventured into more than 20+ start-ups, from retail to publishing, most notably in the investment and blockchain space. He not only managed a variety of investment-related firms, he also supported the growth of a regional investment community, and even successfully completed an ICO in 2018.


Artificial Intelligence

Ivana Bartoletti

Ivana BartolettiGlobal Chief Privacy Officer at WIPRO and Visiting Policy Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute

“Will the metaverse kill privacy? Opportunities and challenges for privacy and security in the virtual world” 

AI expert Ivana will share her insights on many opportunities and challenges for privacy and security in the virtual world on Day 1 in Room 2. She is the Global Chief Privacy Officer at Wipro, the leading international information technology, consulting and business process services company. With years of experience working for large organizations in the privacy policy, strategy and programs related to digital transformation, cloud and automation, she is recognized internationally as a thought leader in the fields. In fact, The Cyber Security Awards even named her Woman of the Year (2019).

As a Visiting Policy Fellow at the University of Oxford, her research focuses on advancing the global sharing of information in the context of privacy, security, data protection and human rights. Not only that, but she is also a co-editor of AI Book, a handbook for investors, entrepreneurs and fintech visionaries and is the author of An Artificial Revolution on Power, Politics and AI. She is the founder of the influential Women Leading in AI network.


Wang Qi Xin

Wang Qi XinCMO of Unitree Robotics

“The Future of Quadruped Robot”

Wang Qi Xin will speak on Day 2, Room 1 of ADAPT 2022, in a session on determining The Future of Quadruped Robots. This fantastic speaker joined Unitree Robotics in 2019, taking charge of the company’s brand strategy planning and publicity. On February 11, 2021, as the project leader of Unitree Robotics, he led the team and ‘Benben’ cattle to the Spring Festival Gala, which aroused heated discussion among the people. Before joining Unitree Robotics, he worked at Songdao Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. as the branch’s marketing manager and general manager.

Unitree Robotics is a world-famous robot company focusing on the independent research, development, production and sales of consumer and industry-level high-performance quadruped robots and dexterous robotic arms. The company was the first to retail high-performance quadruped robots publicly and has led the world in sales over the years.

Digital Assets

Ivy Fung

Ivy FungVice President of Women in Blockchain Asia

“Answering the Web3 call!”

Ivy Fung will share her insights on adopting Web3 blockchain technology in every sector on Day 1, Room 1. She is a trainer specializing in blockchain technology, which supports cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Firmly, she believes that change starts with education and teaching is the best way to learn. This is why she developed blockchain-related training materials for working professionals and university syllabi and conducted training for lecturers.

Aside from that, she is also the Vice President of Women in Blockchain Asia (WIBA), an organization nurturing more female builders in the blockchain ecosystem. In the vision, they want to create an inclusive new economy with women in Asia as leaders and inspire them to be active participants in the blockchain industry and a force for change and social good.


Mohamed DW

Mohamed DWCo-Founder and Director of

“The World of NFT”

Last but not least, we have Mohamed DW. He will discuss about NFT on the First day of the event in Room 1. By qualifications, this law graduate from Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, made his name by being one of Pentas IO’s co-founders. Further, he also completed his MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales.

Prior to his endeavours at Pentas.IO, he served as Head of the Company at one of the largest Malaysia private conglomerates, whose portfolios cover a broad spectrum of businesses; among a few brands that are under their umbrella are Ferrari, Ducati, Harley & Davidson, Mercedes & Koenigsegg to name a few.

Beyond that, his adoration of the sports industry has inspired him to be one of the strongest NFTs supporters and an advocator. Currently, he is fully dedicated and focusing on building Pentas to be the next unicorn, dominating the blockchain and NFT market segment regionally.


But we’re far from done yet. Be sure to catch all these keynote speakers and many more in the upcoming weeks!

It is recommended that you attend both days in full or only the days or sessions that are most important to you. Check out the agenda on our website!  

Mark your calendars, as this is an event you don’t want to miss out on!


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