How Technology Empowers Our Property Agents

We rely on technology now more than ever to produce quality work and generate effective results. Businesses are even more connected to technology than ever before. As we move parallel towards the fast-paced direction we are in, utilizing technology to its fullest is pertinent in order for us to achieve insurmountable results.
How has technology improved the lives of property agents in their day-to-day tasks?
This is what our IQI Warriors have to say!

1. Easier, faster, better and hassle-free work

“IQI Atlas has played an important role in helping me expand my business model. Not only can I transform my leadership in a greater perspective and vision, but I can also make all my agents’ work easier, faster, better, and hassle-free with Atlas.” – Mandy Chen, Head of International Sales

2. Creating visibility, enhancing credibility

“We are privileged that our business is powered by technology through the Atlas application. It enables our agents to monitor sales, manage their listings on different platforms, curate marketing posters and videos for clients and create personalized landing pages. These enable our agents to create visibility and credibility in the industry which is becoming more online than ever. ” – Andrew, Managing Director of IQI Philippines

3. All-in-one solutions within your device

“Atlas is a one-stop SuperApp which provides solutions for agents, from raw data to clients’ relationship management. For example, our agents can gain access to different properties in different areas and present them easily to their clients via Atlas’s Marketing Centre feature from time to time and build their networks significantly.” – Chen Tse Ping, Group Vice President of IQI Global

4. Efficient and time-saving

“Atlas has helped our IQI Vietnam agents a lot by saving time on managing their teams and sales. The Video Studio and Graphic Studio features also helped the new agents to produce simple but necessary materials to begin their career in real estate smoothly.” – Dustin, Managing Director of IQI Vietnam

In IQI, we focus on empowering our agents in order for them to reach their goals. Join IQI as a real estate negotiator and become part of a team that supports your growth!

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