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Running a marathon can be challenging but like anything, with the right preparation – you will be good to go! Here are some tips to help you prepare for a marathon:

1) Start small

To increase your endurance in a marathon, you can start by going for a 20-minute jog or a 2-minute run depending on your current fitness level. The important take away is to not over exhaust yourself. Start from where you’re comfortable and gradually increase your training time.

2) Rest!

Resting is a big part when it comes to improvement. Getting a good night sleep will help with your muscle recovery. If resting in between training works for you – go ahead. It’s okay to take a sit to catch your breath if you have to.

3) Stretch

Stretching before running or marathon is often overlooked and taken for granted. Simple stretches can avoid muscle cramps, increase flexibility and is a necessary warm up for all physical activities.

4) Stay hydrated

Our body is made up of around 70% of water, so don’t forget to drink loads of it during and after your run. This is applicable for both your training and during the day of the marathon. Drinking a lot in one go isn’t advisable because it can cause discomfort in your stomach. It’s best to increase the frequency of you water intake and decrease the amount.

5) Stuff to bring before going to a marathon!

Running apparel and sport shoes are a no-brainer. Here are some other stuff to consider bringing before a marathon.

i) Deodorant

How can you be sweaty, and not have people avoid you? Use deodorant. The last thing you want is to have BO.

ii) Anti-Chafing Cream

This is to help protect your skin against friction. Have you ever felt your thighs rub against one another? If you haven’t, spoiler: not a good feeling.

iii) A change of clothes

After a long run of marathon, a change of clothes can increase your comfort while you unwind and hang with your friends.

iv) Towel

A towel would come in handy when you become a walking waterfall.

v) A bottle of water

Remember, water is important! Stay hydrated.

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