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Most people would say that the process of buying a house is troublesome, but we think that the trouble actually comes after buying it – when you start renovating.

You’d want your home to be perfect, to renovate it to a “simple” Japanese style, Industrial style, or maybe a cottagecore, warm, soft, and cute style, or maybe a combination of a few styles……

But today, we’ll first focus on something a little more practical. We’ll take you on a tour to see all the different types of renovation you might need, and the estimated amount of money to prepare for it.

 Let’s go!

Ceiling Renovation

A lot of people forget about the ceiling when undergoing renovation.

Choosing the right material and the right design for the ceiling can actually add a lot of points to the whole space, such as providing a more visually spacious presence or adding a different tone to the space.

In terms of ceiling preference, the most common one is the Plaster ceiling, and in terms of price, it is quite suitable for homeowners without a high budget.

If you are looking for a cozy style for your home with soft lights, the Light Trough ceiling, which has become a big hit recently, is suitable for your taste.

IQI concept ceiling renovation

If you’re looking for a more stylish and unique look, the Curtain Pelmet ceiling is a good match for you.

Material Estimated Price*
Plaster ceiling RM 3.50/sqft ~ RM 5.50/sqft
Light trough ceiling RM 15/sqft ~ RM25/sqft
Curtain pelmet ceiling RM 15/sqft ~ RM 25/sqft


Flooring Renovation

After looking at the ceiling, of course, the second most important thing in the whole space – is the floor!

Flooring can have more styles to choose from than ceilings, and there are more choices of materials and patterns to select from, depending on the owner’s preference.

Generally speaking, Vinyl flooring and Laminate flooring are the more common choices; Vinyl flooring is water- and wear-resistant, particularly suitable for homeowners who want to take care and sustain their space in the long term.

For the pursuit of a natural and atmospheric style, wood flooring is usually the top choice of such owners.

In commercial spaces, such as office environments, the more common type of flooring is Carpets.

iqi concept flooring renovation

Material Estimated price*
Vinyl flooring RM4.50/sqft ~ RM12/sqft
Laminate flooring RM 10/sqft ~ RM14/sqft
Parquet wood RM 15/sqft ~ RM 30/sqft
Carpet Carpet RM 4.50/sqft ~ RM 15/sqft


Wall Renovation

After looking at the sky and the ground, we look at the walls.

In addition to the usual paint, you can also choose to add some decorative walls too, according to the style you prefer.

For example, in the living room below, the wall behind the TV is decorated with a decorative wall. It adds a stylish and generous element to the overall decorating style, shaping the depth of the visual field and also visually dividing the space.

iqi concept 墙壁 装修

Type Estimated Price*
Paint RM40/sqft
Gypsum board RM10/sqft ~ RM14/sqft


Electricity-related equipment Renovation

The next priority is electrical-related equipment.

This is really important because if not properly handled when moving in, it can be a real headache!

Generally included in the electrical types of equipment are lighting, power points, telephone lines, fan junction points and other parts. It is also important to note that market quotes need to be understood whether the other party includes the cost of materials, labor, etc.

iqi concept 电 装修

Especially for spaces with high electricity consumption such as kitchens, be sure to make arrangements for outlets and electricity in advance.

Type Estimated price*
Lighting point RM80/no. ~ RM95/no.
Power point RM90/no. ~ RM130/no.
Telephone point RM140/no. ~ RM160/no.
Fan point  RM60/no. ~ RM90/no.


Water-related equipment Renovation

After electricity, is the equally important water-related equipment!

Water equipment is used for bathing, washing dishes, and washing the floor. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the lines properly and make sure that the plumbing equipment in the water area is complete in order to live comfortably and happily.

You also need to pay attention to the market quotes to know whether the other party includes materials, labor, and other costs.

iqi concept 水 装修

Type Estimated price*
Kitchen sink RM350
Toilet Basin RM250
Water heater (instant) Rm200 

(ceiling) Rm450

WC RM350
Water tap  RM150 ~ RM250


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Storage Space Renovation

Whether it’s a domestic space or commercial space, the more storage, the better really ……

After all, sometimes when you live for a long time, things pile up, and reasonable storage space can easily help you create a beautiful and tidy home!

iqi concept 橱柜 装修

Let’s take a look at some cabinets ~

For cabinets, generally, the market will provide different budget prices according to their use.

Type Estimated price*
Tv console RM200/fr ~ RM350/fr
Shoe cabinet RM300/fr ~ RM550/fr
Kitchen cabinet (wall & base) RM150/fr ~ RM350/fr
Wardrobe RM350/fr ~ RM550/fr

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Overall Renovation Price

If you’re like me, you’ve probably gone dizzy with all these numbers.

So here’s a rough budget directly based on the property type for your reference!

Property type Estimated minimum budget*
High rise, such as Condo RM70K ~ RM80K or above
Terraced house  RM 100K or above
Semi-detached house
Detached house RM200K or above

*Please note that the actual renovation price will vary according to the owner’s needs and materials used.


Alternatively, the most convenient way is to appoint a trustworthy and experienced renovation company to provide you with design, style advice, material selection, installation arrangement, etc., all in one go.

This way, you don’t have to worry about it at all.


If you are looking for such a one-stop design and deco company, IQI Concept is definitely the right choice!

  • One-stop service
  • 3D conceptualization
  • Drafting
  • Construction and extensions
  • General work or customization

The best part is that commissioned renovation projects are managed and followed up by a dedicated team to provide the best service to the homeowners.

P.S. In order to provide homeowners with the most suitable materials, they’ve set up a material sample room with over 100 materials in their HQ, so that designers and teams can check and compare the different touch and feel of various materials at any time, and provide homeowners with the most suitable design and material suggestions.

Want to commission IQI Concept in order to customize your home or company?

Leave your contact information and the team at IQI Concept will contact you as soon as possible to follow up!

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