3 MIN READHere’s what you can do as real estate agents amid the COVID-19 outbreak

Due to the Movement Control Order implemented by the Malaysian government, many businesses are greatly affected since employers are requiring their employees to work from home. The real estate industry is no different as property agents will not be able to conduct open houses as well as attending meetings or events to practice social distancing.

However, there are other ways whereby real estate agents can stay connected with their clients. By employing technology and social media, agents will be able to continue their businesses even during a difficult time. Here are a few tips you can put into practice to successfully run a real estate business.

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1. Provide Virtual Experiences

As the government has established the need for social distancing to break the chain of infection, many open houses are being put on hold. However, with the advancement of technology, there are alternative ways for potential buyers to go through a similar experience digitally.

Technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality will allow the buyers to check the property out without being physically present. You can host a virtual tour of the property by using your smartphone to record the selling points through Facebook or Facetime.


2. Display 3D scans of property

Another method of providing an immersive experience for your clients is by incorporating 3D scans of property listings into your social media or website.

You can accomplish this by utilising 360 cameras or even 3d mapping software like Matterport to design a virtual open house experience. Clients will be able to get a good feel of the property with the 3D walk-through of properties thus help make the property buying process easier.


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3. Update informative content to your social media

Due to the uncertainties caused by COVID-19, your clients will have many questions that need answers. In a time like this, keep your clients in the loop and update them of any measures or actions that they need to be aware of. Prepare for any questions or inquiries that might come across your clients’ minds so that you will be able to respond promptly.

Other than that, sharing relevant information and articles to your network will not only put their minds at ease but also help you to increase your presence in the social media realm.


4. Video conference with your clients

There are other means of staying connected with your clients even with the movement control order. Communication between your contacts can still happen via Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts.

Discuss any issues or problems that your clients are currently facing and provide support regarding any buying or selling process through these applications. Occasionally check-in and look through any documents with your clients virtually to ensure all parties are on the right page.


5. Virtual staging

Besides that, another technology you can adopt is virtual staging. Virtual staging is a process that allows a photograph of an empty room to become completely transformed into a fully furnished photo of the room.

Software such as Virtual Staging Solutions makes the property listings more attractive for your prospective clients as well as saves on time, money and effort as you do not have to keep moving furniture. Moreover, potential clients will be able to visualize how space will look like when it’s fully furnished from the comforts of their own home.


With all of these modern technologies, one can easily stay connected with their prospective clients throughout the MCO period. 

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