Good Vibes Festival is back, with CL, Jackson Wang and more!

Here’s what you missed at Good Vibes! CL’s strong vocals, Jackson’s smoking body to a wedding proposal!

Good Vibes音乐节

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That’s a wrap on Malaysia’s super grand “Good Vibes Weekender 2022” music festival! The music was phenomenal, the outfits amazing, and the vibes immaculate. The audience was on their feet throughout the festival, especially during some of the biggest highlights of both nights – CL and Jackson Wang!

CL and Jackson Wang performed solo in Malaysia for the first time, making an appearance at the Good Vibes Music Festival on the 23rd and 24th. While CL finessed on the stage with her stunning aura and vibrant glow, Jackson Wang created some of the best audience interaction by dancing closely with fans —but that’s not all that happened!

Now you’ve probably seen stories of the festival swarming your Instagram stories, but here’s what you may not know!

  1. Highlights – CL, Jackson Wang, Pink Sweat$
  2. Get to know the Good Vibes 2022 artists
  3. What is the Good Vibes Festival?
  4. A guide to participating in the festival

Great Review:

“I want to take this jacket off, but I don’t want to get in trouble, so…” – CL

Picture taken from 2NE1 ACCESS Twitter

Fan chant has always been a thing for K-Pop artists, and it showed at Good Vibes 2022! After the spectacular performance by Joe Flizzow and SonaOne, fans diverted their attention to the next stage, bursting out CL’s name. 

The 2NE1 leader, CL, did not disappoint as she opened the stage with a bang, performing an all-time favourite, “The Baddest Female.” It was a nostalgic moment for fans as she brought many classic songs, including “Spicy,” “The Baddest Female,” “Hwa” and “Tie A” Cherry.” 

Performing the choreography in a leather jacket did make her feel the heat but not enough to convince her to remove it. 

“I want to take this jacket off, but I don’t want to get in trouble, so…” – CL.

Although CL didn’t interact much with fans offstage, her stage presence was enough to woo the crowd leaving them sentimental at the end of Day 1. 


Jackson Wang and Mamak?

Picture taken from TEAM WANG records Twitter

Composures left the venue, and minds were blown when the GOT7 member jumped down from the stage to sing “Blow” to the fans at the front. The 28-year-old proved to everyone that he was the definition of the word ‘Performer.’ We were also blessed with older and newer songs like “Drive It Like You Stole It” and “Cruel,” respectively. When everyone thought the show had ended, Jackson came back on stage to ask fans to recommend him a place to dine, to which everyone answered, “MAMAK!” 

After a night of anticipation, GOT7 lightsticks were up as soon as the screens projected “MAGIC MAN.” Opening the stage with “100 Ways”, the smartphones in the air did not go down. 

Picture taken from Jackson Wang Global Twitter

Good Vibes Weekender turned into a screamfest as Jackson continued his performance with “Drive It As You Stole It” and “Cruel,” but as soon “Blow” came into track, the performer got down from the stage to perform closer with his fans. It was shocking that no one fainted because the temperature was getting hotter! 

If you think that is all, think again! 

When fans thought the show had ended, their favourite artist came back on stage requesting a recommendation to dine. And Malaysians would know one best place in mind to which they all shouted, “MAMAK.”


Pink Sweat$’s – Good Vibes or Wedding Vibes?

Stepping to Malaysia for the first time, American R&B singer-songwriter Pink Sweat$ put on his classic pink outfit and sang several songs from Whole Wheat, including “Icey,” “Magic,” and “Pink Money.”

However, things turned out when he performed “At My Worst.” A man in the audience got down on one knee and popped the question, to which the crowd burst into cheer.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by PinkSweat$ (@pinksweats)

Pink Sweat$ celebrated this happy event as he posted the proposal video on his Instagram, captioned,

There was a surprise PROPOSAL during “At my worst” in Malaysia! 💗🥹🧸💍 I’m happy that the love in my music can be felt like this and honored to be a part of this moment! Congratulations to the lovely couple! – love pink”

What a romantic and wholesome moment, the crowd was truly swayed. We hope everyone that attended a memorable time just like this couple did! That said, these are just some of the highlights of the festival. Check out who else performed and more insight into the event down below!

Malaysia‘s most anticipated music festival, Good Vibes, is finally back in 2022! With an even hotter artist lineup featuring CL from former K-pop girl group 2NE1 and Jackson Wang of former K-Pop boy group GOT7, people are looking forward to this festival more than ever!

The Good Vibes Weekender 2022 music festival will be held at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon, for two consecutive days on September 23 and 24. 20 local and international singers and rappers will participate in this year’s Good Vibes music festival.

The Good Vibes Music Festival 2022 is the first music festival to be held after the pandemic, which explains its huge hype. This year’s amazing lineup is truly an event that Malaysians can’t miss.

Let’s get to know some of the big names in the iconic artist lineup!

Get to know the Good Vibes 2022 Artists

1. Jackson Wang

Good Vibes音乐节
Credit: @jacksonwang852g7

Jackson Wang, known by his mononym Jackson in the former Korean group GOT7, has been focusing on his career in China in recent years. After establishing his personal studio “TEAM WANG”, he has released many personal works, such as ‘Papillon’, ‘100 Ways’ and ‘Should’ve Let Go’, and has marked his popularity all over Asia.

Jackson has frequently appeared on the international stage recently. Following the Coachella Music Festival in the United States, the opening of the friendly football show in Thailand, and a series of activities in Singapore, he is finally coming to Malaysia to sing and meet his fans!


2. CL

Good Vibes音乐节
Credit: @chaelincl

CL, known as the queen of Hallyu from the former girl group 2NE1, started performing on stage as a solo singer in 2013 and has released many hit songs such as ‘The Baddest Female,’ ‘Hello B*****s,’ ‘Tie a Cherry,’ and more. She brings immense energy to every performance, heating the atmosphere with her powerful stage presence. This year, she is coming to Malaysia to participate in the music festival, with fans anticipating her performances after the long pandemic.


3. Joe Flizzow

Good Vibes音乐节
Credit: @flizzow

The Malaysian hip-hop king, Joe Flizzow, is a well-known local rapper. Since he released his personal English album “President” in 2008, he has performed worldwide. He also has representative works, including “Drop”, “Havoc”, etc., which have marked his position all over the globe. 


4. Pink Sweat$

Good Vibes音乐节
Credit: @pinksweats

The American “Pink Boy” Pink Sweat$, whose real name is David Bowden, is known for his song “Honesty”, alongside his “pink character” – from his album covers, music video outfits and daily wear to his stage name – he and the colour pink are inseparable. He brings a new air to R&B with his delicate singing and slows meaningful rhythm through his hits ‘At My Worst’, ’17’, and ‘I Wanna Be Yours’.


5. SonaOne

Good Vibes音乐节
Credit: @itssonaone

The French-Malaysian rapper and singer-songwriter SonaOne gained popularity through his playful hip-hop song ‘No More’, who soon released his solo album ‘Growing Up Sucks’, with an innovative and unique hip-hop charm. He has collaborated with American-Korean singer Jay Park, attracting the attention of the local music scene.


6. Dolla

Good Vibes音乐节
Credit: Dolla Official Facebook

Dolla, a local girl group, known as the ‘Malaysian Blackpink’, has attracted the attention of locals and foreigners alike, especially the Korean media due to its similarity in style, image and music to Korean pop groups. They quickly gained popularity after their debut, and their tracks also gained good reception from their audiences.  


7. Beabadoobee

Good Vibes音乐节
Credit: @radvxz

Filipino-British singer Beabadoobee, whose debut song ‘Coffee’ became popular, was also featured in Canadian rapper Powfu’s song ‘Death Bed (coffee for your head).’ She has become a Tiktok sensation, with more than 4.1 billion hits on the platform. Her distinct voice is one of her many charms, enjoyed by listeners new and old.


8. Midnight Fusic

midnight fusicCredit: @midnightfusic IG

A Malaysian alternative rock band established in 2013, Midnight Fusic is a four-piece group wildly known for their hit song ‘Caramel Cream.’ The group gained media attention after their songs, ‘Heart of May’ and ‘Lovesick’ received positive reviews from music critics. The band has performed in several music festivals alongside big-name artists such as The Neighbourhood, Lorde and SZA.


Good Vibes音乐节
Good Vibes Official Facebook

In addition to the above key singers, other singers participating in the festival include Oh Wonder, Snakehips, Surf Mesa, Shallou and more. With this lineup, the scene is bound to explode on these two consecutive days!

If you want to experience the festival’s fiery atmosphere, head to the official website to get your tickets!

  • GA 2 Days Pass: RM499
  • VIP 2 Days Pass: RM999

You may also want to know… 

What is the Good Vibes Festival?

Featuring some of the hottest local and international acts in the music scene today, the Good Vibes Festival is one of Malaysia’s biggest and most anticipated music events.

The Good Vibes Music Festival is an annual local music event that invites many domestic and foreign singers to perform yearly. But in 2020 and 2021, it was put on hold due to the pandemic but is now making its comeback in 2022.


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A post shared by Good Vibes Festival (@goodvibesfest)


A Guide to Participating in the Good Vibes Festival

The Good Vibes Weekender 2022 music festival will open its doors at 4 pm. Since the music festival is held outdoors, be sure to stay prepared to have the best festival experience using our handy checklist:

good vibes checklist

Once you’ve purchased your ticket, you will receive your festival wristband as your admission to the Good Vibes festival. You can go to the Ground Floor of the Sunway Pyramid shopping centre as early as September 15th to 18th, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, to collect your wristband, or alternatively, you can pick it up at the counter on the day of the festival.


Good Vibes音乐节
Good Vibes Official Facebook

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