Experts: Gold Coast A Favourite Among Chinese Immigrants!

Gold Coast

Australia is made up of fascinating advantages in terms of climate, education, food safety and lifestyle, which attracts many people from all over the world to study, work, buy houses and migrate to the country. The number of immigrants in Australia is rising every year.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released overseas migration data showing that the number of immigrants dropped to 146,000 in the year 2020-21 from 507,000 due to the pandemic.

According to the numbers, most Australian immigrants come from China. There are so many Chinese immigrants, but in which areas are they most populated?


Gold Coast

According to the local property website, the most searched Australian areas by Chinese buyers are the Melbourne suburbs of Glen Waverley, Gold Coast, Brisbane, downtown Melbourne and the Melbourne suburbs of Toorak.

Aside from Melbourne, Gold Coast is the one of the most attractive areas for Chinese migrants – a location that’s sunny all year round, with great weather, beautiful beaches, stunning nature and perfect for vacation, making it one of the best locations to live and retire.


1. Slow-paced and colourful life

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a well-known vacation destination, which is why it has a slow-paced lifestyle, known to be naturally suitable for retirement.

There are a variety of outdoor activities, such as golfing, yacht sailing, safari, theme parks, and a variety of restaurants and cafes. For shopping, the Gold Coast also has an spacious local shopping mall called Pacific Fair.

With this kind of relaxing life at their disposal, those looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city life would turn to Gold Coast as a location to migrate, retire or study.


2. Well-equipped healthcare facilities

Whether you’re coming to the Gold Coast to migrate, study or retire, a hospital or medical center remains a necessity for everyone.

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) is the third largest hospital in Queensland and has one of the busiest emergency departments. It was also voted one of the “10 best hospitals in Australia” by Statista, a global data research company.

Other hospitals or medical centers include the Robina Hospital, Varsity Lakes Day Hospital, Southport Health Precinct and more. Medical facilities are conveniently available within reach, making it easy for anyone to access medical treatment when they need it.


3. First-class education hub

Although Gold Coast is a vacation destination, it is also home to many educational institutions. As an Australian city, the quality of education and training resources are known to attract many international students to study here.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast topped the QS World University Rankings as the “World’s Best Beachside City to Study in” in 2016. Over 200 international and domestic education and training institutions, including Griffith University, Bond University, and Southern Cross University, have ranked in QS World University Rankings 2023.

Local primary and secondary schools also have high educational quality and academic standards, as reflected in their performance on The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) exams in 2021.

According to the latest NAPLAN results, the top 5 performing elementary schools on the Gold Coast are The Southport School (TSS), Somerset College, AB Paterson College, St Hilda’s School, and Broadbeach State School.

Gold Coast

The top performing secondary schools in the NAPLAN are Somerset College, All Saints Anglican School, AB Paterson College, Emmanuel College, and St Hilda’s School.

In addition to the general environment of education and the development of schools in Australia, the Gold Coast government also places importance on the development of student organizations and international education concepts. The government has invested in student activity centers, medical and educational special zones, gradually becoming the preferred destination for international students.


4. Housing market growth due to expanding population

As more people move to the Gold Coast to work, study and live, coupled with affordable local housing, real estate experts predict that the local population will likely increase by 38,000 residents per year in the future, reaching an eventual 928,000 residents by 2041.

Gold Coast

With such a steadily growing population, the demand for housing on the Gold Coast will continue to increase. According to the Australian Institute of Urban Development, although the Gold Coast has a denser housing layout than Brisbane and Adelaide, the current development appears to be in short supply given the local population growth trends.

According to PRD Real Estate Australia, from September 2021 to March 2022, the median house price in Gold Coast grew by 21.8%, while the median unit price grew by 9.1%.

As for rentals, the median house rent rose to $720 AUD per week; 3-bedroom houses recorded the highest annual rental growth rate of 18.2% to $650 AUD per week. 3-bedroom units recorded a yearly rental growth rate of 20% to $600 AUD.

If you are planning to invest in a property on the Gold Coast, you may want to consider houses or apartment units with more bedrooms.

Gold Coast

Combined with the various local developments, the Gold Coast is a good location for investment, retirement and study.

With various advantages over other popular cities in Australia, Gold Coast is the ideal place to live if you wish to live a relaxed and tranquil life. The Gold Coast may be your dream destination!

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