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Global technology giants Microsoft, Amazon and Google have shown interest in together developing Malaysia into a regional hub for information technology (IT), said Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said that he recently held discussions with representatives of the major tech firms and they expressed their interest in helping Malaysia. They are interested to be involved in the process of developing Malaysia in the IT and other fields to make Malaysia a regional centre.

One of Asia’s largest property technology groups, Juwai IQI has expansion plans in Malaysia after realising the potential that this country holds. Juwai IQI is a global proptech group specialising in new development properties.

Real estate companies Juwai.com, China’s largest online marketplace for overseas properties and IQI Global, an international real estate agency merged to form Juwai IQI.

Juwai IQI provides greater access for Chinese property investors to buy homes in the Asia Pacific region via the website or offline marketing by IQI Global.

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IQI Global merges with Juwai.com, creating Asia’s biggest proptech group

Connecting Chinese property buyers to the Asia Pacific market through Juwai-IQI

Although there have been interest in Malaysia, Muhyiddin further emphasized the importance of connectivity infrastructure, noting that the Internet coverage in the country was not up to standards yet.

Muhyiddin said at a town hall session with state and federal civil servants in Johor on 15th August 2020 that Malaysia has not achieved a competitive level of Internet connectivity.

Although the government’s commitment to improving its Internet connectivity is already there, the time has come to step forward to expand access. The government, both at federal and state level, have the political will to improve connectivity with new policies soon.

He cited an example of a schoolgirl in Sabah who had to climb a tree to get good Internet access proving that the internet in Malaysia lacks access and is inefficient. On top of that, it also shows that the internet connectivity has not reached a level similar to other developing countries.

Source: The Edge Markets, The Star

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