Exploring How Modern Houses Look Like in 2022

The integration of technology to real estate in the form of ‘smart homes’ are not unheard of, especially in 2022. Mostly we’ve seen the representation of these smart homes through television shows or advertisements of ‘larger than life’ neighbourhoods with advanced security systems and technology, but do we really know how they are? Modern houses and modern house designs are abundant, but let us walk you through how we think they look like. 


  1. Minimal Spaces

  2. Contemporary Architecture 

  3. Immersed in Tech 


1. Minimal Spaces

modern housesWhat is expected of a minimal home? Normally, minimal homes are marked by it’s clean lines, liminal spaces and large glass windows. Minimal homes are popular because of it’s smart use of design to make limited spaces seem bigger than it is. It also heavily relies on natural lighting and contemporary eaves. 

Decorations are often kept to a minimum, to prioritise practicality and space. Through this minimalist design, home owners can expect to feel a certain refined elegance from their homes, which is a feeling that is present in most modern homes of the 21st century. 


2. Contemporary Architecture

modern houses designA significant aspect to different modern houses design is also the architecture. It’s not enough to be different, you also have to be contemporary. This aspect of elevating and inspiring a luxurious and exclusive feel to modern homes is exactly what makes it innovative and fresh. 


Some examples of modern architecture can be categorised as being bold and experimental, having a ‘hub’ in any of the living spaces scattered throughout out the home or including convenient components spearheaded by technology.

Contemporary houses break the basic, and exude originality and modernity all under one roof (literally). 


3. Technologically Immersed

modern houses for saleTechnology is the cornerstone of human evolution – or at least that’s how we like to see it. We’ve covered this once before in our ‘4 benefits of owning a smart home’ piece, but we’re more than happy to revisit it. Smart technology allows individuals to interact with their appliances to a more elevated degree than before, and we are here for it. 

Some modern houses are designed with setups interconnected through the internet, allowing them to access to their home amenities such as temperature settings, air conditioning, and lighting through their smartphones or even through voice recognition. 

Other than it’s convenient features and modern design, a smart home may prove to be more cost effective to own in the long run – as it has options to efficiently lower energy costs as well. 

All in all, modern houses should not only be celebrated for their designs, but the convenient and originality it brings out as well. With the advancements of technology growing at a rate that’s more accelerated than ever, we are heading into exciting new grounds for modern home designs. 


Wondering if there any modern houses for sale at this point in time? Reach out to us and we’ll help you find the perfect home for you. 

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