2 MIN READEnjoying the Crazy Rich Asian Lifestyle in Dubai

The IQI team is currently having the time of their lives in Cityscape Global 2019 in Dubai and experiencing the Crazy Rich and Extravagant Dubai lifestyle. In IQI, we value the hard work and efforts of our team and thereby reward them for their accomplishments with great incentives such as international travel, worldwide events, and more. We want to enable our team to enjoy life to the fullest by giving them an experience of a lifetime.

By attending Cityscape Global, the team has the opportunity to connect and network with industry leaders and real estate professionals from all corners of the globe which will further broaden their horizons. Additionally, the team will benefit from the event as they are able to learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge by forming important relationships and build a bigger and better network. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this international exhibit as the team has a chance to explore the international real estate market as well as other business avenues.

Seeing that there are many countries such as Canada to Malaysia joining us for this year’s event, the team can discover different perspectives by listening to these accomplished individuals share about their immense global real estate knowledge, experience and numerous investment opportunities around the world. By being more accustomed to all the different perspectives in life, the team will be able to learn how to communicate effectively with diverse individuals from all walks of life which will make them a global agent.

IQI bridges the gap between borders and markets by not only focusing on one area in the industry but also greatly widening its perspective and the view of its team by opening even more market possibilities and opportunities as well as doing business both locally and internationally. At IQI, we bring together people from different countries, enhancing their capabilities through mentorship and aligning our collective vision to empower individuals to discover their dreams, while creating truly global entrepreneurs and real estate agents.

If you like to join us for the upcoming Cityscape Global Dubai 2020, fill in the form below and be a part of our growing global team.

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