Empowering Children Through Education with Kashif Ansari

children education

Kashif Ansari, the Co-founder and Group CEO of Juwai IQI, created a fundraiser in hopes of shedding light on child education for the underprivileged. A strong advocate for children’s rights and wellbeing, he has been a dedicated supporter of The Citizens Foundation, USA, for 25 whole years.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the alarming number of school closures has severely impacted many, especially vulnerable children from marginalised homes. The resulting interference has led to the aggravation of ever-present issues in these poorly regulated communities. This includes social isolation, interrupted learning and poorer mental wellbeing.   

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The Citizens Foundation, USA 

TCF is a programme initiated by the American-based (TCF-USA) non-profit organisation that supports education for underprivileged children in Pakistan.

Photo source: The Citizens Foundation

As one of the few leading educational establishments in Pakistan, TCF began in 1995 from the passionate minds of individuals striving for social change through education. Through 27 years of hard work and dedication, a total of 1.833 schools were built to provide quality education to 280,000 children, with an all-female faculty of 13,000 teachers.   


The Importance of Education  

When asked about his views on child education, Kashif Ansari further explained that:  

children education

“The pandemic took the world by storm with many losses created, but I believe those truly at a loss are the underprivileged children. These children already live in poor circumstances. Having no access to education will increase their stress and depression, disconnection from society due to isolation, and maybe highly prone to exploitation.  

The best thing you can provide for any child is education; it is the solution to everything. Educating a child goes beyond them; you’ll be educating the families, communities and eventually generations to come. Small steps always lead to significant changes — that’s why planting the seed of knowledge in young minds flourishes in even the harshest conditions. Let’s empower children in this time of crisis. Let’s bring them the opportunity of a lifetime.”  

All children have dreams, and education is the gateway to fulfilling them. Let’s restore the broken promise of education that every child deserves. By supporting this very need, we’re giving them the chance to shape their future and transform the lives of communities forever.

You are one click away from providing children with a promising future. Contribute to the greater good HERE!

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