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Dubai Diverse Investment Market

Multi-national investors are lining up with billions of Dirhams to invest in Dubai’s real estate market. They are grabbing every deal along the way starting from apartments that can be rented out for profit or to be saved for further investments.

Today, buyers from India, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, United States and Pakistan form the top majority of Dubai’s real estate market. They are either searching for units in mature areas or in recently launched or upcoming communities. This was proven by Dubizzle, a real estate platform after tracking the activity of its foreign users.

August statistics show that Indians formed the most eager buyers with a total of 19% of the searches for on sale properties. Saudis, Brits, Americans and Pakistanis followed by the percentages of 16, 15 and 13 respectively.

The Dubai property market continues to gain interest from both local and foreign buyers. 2.7 billion Dirhams were spent on properties in Dubai alone. Almost half of these houses where located in Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai.

The Dubai property market is on the rise and this is the best time to start investing.

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