Despite Covid-19, Overseas Properties Still Strong Among Asian Buyers

Asian Buyers

A report done by Juwai IQI shows despite the pandemic, it did not restrict the enthusiasm for properties among Asian buyers.

Georg Chmiel, Group Executive Chairman of Juwai IQI, shares the insights of the report with BFM.

“As a matter of fact, the demand for properties remains strong. This is because most property deals are done online with virtual tours, e-signatures, etc.

A few countries, Malaysia and Canada, moved up in the list and received more exposure to international buyers in the course of last year. Meanwhile, countries best known as safe-havens like New Zealand and Singapore suffered due to restrictions now made back into the list.

One of the biggest reasons for their transaction is for investment. Migration, lifestyle, and retirement are other factors for these purchases. There is a strong demand for regional properties, both domestic and cross-border. Due to Covid-19, people are moving out of the cities because their work can be done remotely.”

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Source: BFM

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