Work Stress and 4 Ways You Can Deal With It!

As a working adult, it’s normal to come face to face with pressure and stress on a day to day basis. That being said, work stress, if left unchecked – it could lead to damning and egregious affects. Thus, it’s important to always find ways to deal with stress, as avoiding it completely is impossible. 

There are many factors that may contribute to work stress – which may include working long hours, heavy workloads, job insecurity and internal conflicts. Back in school and university, we were always taught to do our work and finish our assignments on time, but never were we shown the ways on how to deal with stress and the pressure that came with it. 

Well, no worries – we’re here to walk you through stress management techniques that you can implement in your work. 


1) Figure Out Why You’re Stressed 

2) Set Aside Time to Unwind 

3) Re-Evaluate Negative Thoughts 

4) Put Yourself First 


1) Figure Out Why You’re Stressed

work stressThe first part to solving a problem, is to identify it. Get to know why you’re feeling a particular way, is it because of the work itself or your environment? Is there anything you can do to improve on the situation? Although this might be very obvious and simple advice – being aware of how something affects you can help you out a lot. 

Long term exposure to stress can lead to a variety of detrimental health affects that can take a toll on your body and mind. As such, if something is making you feel more pressured than you usually are, then make a mental and physical note of what it is – so you can work on ways to fix the problem before it grows beyond your control. 

Some common examples of workplace stress could be: 

  • Toxic environment – stress in the workplace due to unsatisfactory conditions in the office such as negative colleagues and bosses.
  • Low salary – not being paid your worth.
  • Excessive workloads – physical and emotional pressure due to a huge amount of work.
  • Lack of motivation – not feeling your job anymore.
  • No opportunity for growth or advancement – a sense of stagnation in career growth.


2) Set Aside Time to Unwind

work stressRemember that your work is NOT your life. As important as it is to give your all in what you do, do remember that you are human with interests, hobbies and dreams. Stress at work cannot take that away.

Setting aside time to carry out these activities plays an important role in reminding you that you are allowed to do other things besides work. Unwinding can mean different things to people such as playing badminton or going for a run, or maybe even something a little more indoors such as playing video games or curling up in bed with a good book.  

Out of all stress management techniques, unwinding is the simplest and most enjoyable to do. If you can take time to do the things that YOU want to do at least two to three hours every day – it can help curb stress in the workplace.


3) Re-Evaluate Negative Thoughts

stress management techniquesWhenever you feel like something is making you stressed out, re-evaluate your thoughts. Ask yourself, ‘why?’ Why is this thing making you react in such a negative way?

Is there anything you can do to get rid of these thoughts? And if yes – that means half your problem is already solved. If not, then readjust your thinking and come up with a solution from a different perspective. Sometimes, stress at work can be dealt in a more efficient manner.

Always remember that all problems have solutions. 


4) Put Yourself First

how to deal with stressAt the end of the day, you must remember that you only truly have yourself. So before you decide on doing anything else, ask yourself whether it’s worth going through all the stress and headaches. Your job may give you money to live off your livelihood, but is it worth going through all the negativity, pressure and potential health hazards? 

Sure, we could recommend a ton of stress management techniques – but in the end it really boils down to you, are you happy working where you are? And if not – is it worth all the pressure? 

Remember – you deserve unconditional happiness and love in life. No amount of job stress is worth taking that away.


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