Would Deadpool & Wolverine Kill It As Real Estate Agents in IQI?

Would Deadpool & Wolverine Kill It As Real Estate Agents in IQI?

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We all know Deadpool‘s character as a superhero (or more accurately, anti-hero) – his ability to regenerate faster than the average human and his skills in weaponry, plus his charming dialogue that makes him easy to love and ironically easy to hate at the same time.


In contrast, Wolverine’s deadpan yet coarse personality may not necessarily come off as warm (duh), coupled with his animal-keen senses and enhanced physical capabilities. Underneath all that steel, he’s still got that soft spot that we all know and love.


But what if we took their abilities to the test… as a real estate agent in IQI?

I mean, real estate agents are superheroes, too, right?

Let’s see how well Deadpool and Wolverine can cut it (pun not intended) as real estate agents in IQI:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Getting leads
  3. Sealing the deal
  4. No offense
  5. Marketing master


1. Communication skills (or lack thereof)

Deadpool’s… got an edge to him, we’ll put it at that. But he clearly has a knack for speaking – people don’t call him the Merc with a Mouth for nothing. Though he wouldn’t exactly be your typical, soft-spoken real estate agent, he’s definitely got a charm to him that people can’t resist.


Boundaries, buddy.


Yeah, he pulls, guys. Just remember not to get too attached – he’s your real estate agent after all. You’ve got kids at home to take care of.


He knows his ways, young or old.


On the other hand… Wolverine doesn’t exactly have the Wade Wilson flair for speech, but he’s got the looks, that’s for sure.

With a little fine-tuning, he’ll definitely one-up Deadpool – all it takes is one of our Terrific Tuesday sessions on communication and closing sales. We support your growth pal, we’re here for you.


We mean our team at IQI, silly.


A tip, Logan? Maybe lose those claws and put on a smile.


We get it, you’re cool.


2. Getting leads (without leading people on)

With his superhuman yet unconventional capabilities to pull all of those clients, no one would doubt for a second that Deadpool could get so many leads.


We hope you mean the right type of calls, pal.


On the other hand, Wolverine might have a unique approach on getting leads, but we know he’s trying his best nonetheless. He might need some extra pointers on how to get leads, and we just know he’s browsing through our free marketing classes on IQI Academy as we speak. Just remember not to lead people on, Logan.


Uh Logan, we’re afraid this might be too forward?


But then again, superheroes are people too. They can’t possibly remember every single detail of each of their clients, so they gotta store it somewhere. Like Wolverine, it seems like Deadpool is tech-savvy; he could probably master IQI Atlas’ lead management tools the minute he gets his login details.


The grind never stops.

3. Sealing the deal

Next step – home viewing. Will Deadpool show up? Probably (and take it lightly), and knowing the guy, he might give you something of a… warm welcome.

Don’t get too surprised.


Um… hi?


Let’s be real, both Deadpool and Wolverine have had interactions with the big leagues (the X-Men, the Avengers, need I say more?) so they would know their way around different people; mutants and mundanes alike.

Knowing Deadpool, he would definitely leverage on this skill to entice buyers and sellers – and his goal?

To get on the top of the charts of the IQI agents board and to snatch that home bonus, car bonus and travel incentive. He’s been eyeing that 5-star getaway to Maldives and that shiny new Mercedes even before he got in. (Psst… we’ve still got plenty of room.)

Don’t go lounging around, though. He may be persistent, but he still has a work-life balance to protect.


So much for that warm welcome.


And if there’s one thing about Wolverine, it’s that he gets what he wants. You think you’re the only one who wants that home bonus?

Deadpool, you’ve got competition; so keep your eyes peeled before the cool guy takes your place (or your new Merc – again, pun not intended).


Step aside and let the big man do his job.


4. No offense (literally)

Deadpool? License? Wouldn’t put it past him to be selling homes without one.

(No but seriously, we don’t condone it. Call us up if he does ’cause we’re not about to catch any of our agents slacking.)

Listen, we know you’re a licensed hitman, but even hitmen need a license to kill.


Keep rolling those eyes, Wade, we’re not budging.


He’ll probably pull a stunt or two just to tease us, but we won’t entertain him. Demerit points? Not in his vocab. But just because he’s practically immortal doesn’t mean we don’t take these offenses seriously.


Put those dramatics away, bestie.


Hey Wade, if you want your commissions to be rolling in within our promised 7-day payout, you gotta be on your best behaviour, buddy.

Wolverine, we don’t want you to be babysitting this adult man, but if Deadpool tries to pull anything illegal, you’re our guy, okay? We already know you’re trying to keep your record clean, and we’re proud of you, man. We got your back, just like you’ve got ours.


“I feel like I’m being underappreciated here.”

5. Marketing master

Y’all talking about marketing? Oh, we already know deep down Deadpool’s a pro – besides the already-circulating word of mouth promo. Man makes a name for himself with half the effort.

Social media is clearly a no-brainer for him.


Not even world disasters can stop me from subtweeting.


Wolverine has his fair share of talents, but he might need some support, in which case; hey Deadpool? Could you come over here for a sec? Oh you’re busy talking up the lady selling her mansion? Got it.

Sorry, Wolverine. But we do have a team that’s ready to help you with your marketing. We’re pretty chill – we treat everyone from all backgrounds equally, even if you have retractable claws that can definitely end someone in your vicinity. Which, by the way, could you put those away for a minute? They’re blocking my monitor.


Wolverine: “There’s more to me than my claws, you know.”


Will they be good real estate agents in IQI? You be the judge of that.




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