Conditional MCO | 8 things you need to know before re-entering society

As of May 4th of 2020, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin declared Conditional MCO on certain industries and businesses, allowing them to re-open. However, all relevant companies are subjected to strict conditions and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) during operation, enforced by authorities and guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Kedah, Sabah, Pahang, Penang, Kelantan and Sarawak have decided not to follow the move while Selangor, Perak and Negri Sembilan said it would limit the number of businesses allowed to resume operations and restrict dine-ins at restaurants and sports and recreational activities.

Despite this leniency, the public must bear in mind they cannot go out and resume their daily activities.

The National Security Council of Malaysia (MKN) has uploaded a detailed list of activities that are prohibited throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) as a part of the SOPs for the reopening of economic sectors.

1. Entertainment & Leisure Activities

Places which encourages a large group of people to gather and mingle are not allowed to re-open such as cinemas, theme parks, karaoke spots, museums and busking. So those who are looking forward to the latest ‘Black Widow’, have to wait yet again. 


2. Celebrations & Gatherings

If you are dying to see the latest speech by your favourite Ustad or wanting to celebrate the May 4th for Star Wars fans, The National Security Council of Malaysia does not allow it. Religious gatherings in places of worships such as mosques and temples, parades and Hari Raya celebrations with distant family members from other states are not allowed. Say goodbye to Raya photoshoots of 2020.


3. Education

Either it is good news or bad news, school is still out until further notice So there should not be any social media postings of sports activities, co-curricular activities, any forms of school gatherings and any school programmes that gathers more than 10 people. Read a book instead and build that mind. 


4. Sports

We know many of you want that Raya bod before the end of Ramadan, unfortunately, you need to continue those squats at home. Any contact sports events that involve a mass gathering of supporters or spectators, such as rugby, wrestling, boxing, football and basketball indoor sports including gymnasiums and swimming pool are not allowed. But…you can jog with precaution with a mask and sanitizer at hand.

5. Social Activities

Since the MCO, many couples had to forgo the wedding of their dreams to the confine of their homes. But look at the bright side – you save thousands of ringgit to be put to good use for your future honeymoon. So for future plannings, events, such as weddings, anniversary celebrations or any celebration that requires mass gathering is not allowed. So have a virtual one instead with your favourite Zoom background. 


6. Clothing and Accessory Stores

Almost two months wearing your mom’s kelawars and pyjamas can be depressing at times. Now with these conditional MCO in place, you might want to buy new clothing. Unfortunately, you can only look and buy. Any form of fitting and trying on clothes is prohibited, as you can spread any contact you had with others and the curve might shift.

7. Business Premises

While an abundance of choices open to the public, the Standard Operating Procedures will be stricter for business premises to ensure the safety of the customers and staff. Business premises such as convenient stores, eateries and other public markets can’t have too many customers at a time. Customers are required to practice social distancing with a minimum distance of one or two meters.

Again, you must miss out on your favourite desserts as Ramadan bazaars and Hari Raya bazaars are not allowed to operate.


8. Hair and Beauty Salons

While many employees are getting ready to re-enter the office space after nearly two months working from home, this conditional MCO has no solution for the hair. Since hair and beauty salons are included in the list due to close contact and proximity, many of you will need to look up Youtube videos on how to cut hair and maybe shave off that lumberjack look before you scare the bosses. 

A glimmer of the sun shines upon us but AGAIN please do bear in mind that social distancing is still in effect and safety precautions must be taken seriously. May we flatten the curve even further!

Happy working!

If you wished to know more about the Conditional MCO, click here for further updates.

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